Scottish Tories not fit for anything

Douglas Ross, that trippy athlete, recycles his former colleague on taking a risk with gym opening in high infection areas. Their case is science-free. Here’s some:

I’m no scientist but I would not go anywhere near a gym.

In a pub, sitting comfortably, you might after a few drinks project your voice a bit more than is desirable in the circumstances but the plume will be much smaller.

Is this just my opinion? Is there science which the Scottish Government is following? Yes:

During 24 days in Cheonan, South Korea, 112 persons were infected with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 associated with fitness dance classes at 12 sports facilities. Intense physical exercise in densely populated sports facilities could increase risk for infection. Vigorous exercise in confined spaces should be minimized during outbreaks.

6 thoughts on “Scottish Tories not fit for anything

  1. The Toady sheeple think what is good for Engerlund MUST be good for Scotland.
    That is why they are nudging 20% in the polls, and have a leader who watches videos of cows for FUN, FUN,FUN !

    I wonder… any of his videos have Ruthie atop a buffalo?
    Does she shout YIPPEE!
    Or does DRossie?

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    1. True that, gavinochiltree, and they even think that what is bad for ENGERLAND is good for Scotland, that’s the trouble. Why on earth would anyone follow Engerland’s lead, unless they are insane, or cajoled, or threatened if they don’t.


  2. A Glenn Campbell shower production, to be sung in the key of Gee what the actual f…

    I am a linesman in the county
    And I drive the Scots mad
    Searchin’ for the Sun/Mail/Herald/Beeb’s next SNP-bad
    I hear you singin’ in the byre,
    But I much prefer wine
    And the Witch and the linesman are still on the whine

    I know I need inoculation
    And I must be a pain
    If I don’t impress that crowd down south it’s me they won’t retain

    You must need me more than want me
    Even if I’m a slime
    And the Witch and the linesman are still on the whine

    You must need me more than want me
    Even if I’m a slime
    And the Witch and the linesman are still on the whine

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  3. Me thinks that not only for the sanity and health of Dross,but also that of Scotland
    That a nurser be dispatched ASAP to attend to the poor fellow
    Please take along a Straight Jacket
    And just in case A Needle


  4. Tories just seeking opportunism, what’s new?

    Key in your quote though is “densely populated”… if IKEA can be open in Level 4, gyms should be open (with restrictions on numbers compared to lower levels). Especially in winter when outside exercise isn’t as accessible to everyone.


    1. The plan is to reduce human proximity. If a can be open then why not b is an argument which leads to everything open and no reduction in proximity.
      However I see what you mean about IKEA and Garden Centres – why are they essential?


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