WARNING: Some readers may be offended

I suppose when you have a history of protecting a man who abused young boys, it’s an easy step to trying to protect a decaying imperial power clinging on to the last members it has dominion over and which it wishes to continue abusing.

Headlined in the Herald today:

The House of Lords must be replaced to enable federalism across the UK as an alternative to Scottish independence, former liberal leader David Steel believes. In a lecture to the Scottish Liberal Club on Tuesday evening, which Lord Steel “assumes” will be his last political speech, he will call for the House of Lords to be replaced with a senate elected by proportional representation.

As true independence appears on the horizon, the Unionist are split. One lot led by the PM and Rees-Mogg favour taking away what autonomy we have and holding us tighter in their noxious and deadly embrace. The others, like Steel and Gordon Brown, want to con us with the notion of an equal, federal union.

An equal relationship between an overweight hippo, a lion cub, a bearded dragon and a severed hand, sharing the same single bed?

Does anyone really believe that the nearly 40% who still, even now, might vote Boris back in, and their braying political class, would ever allow anything, anything, that reduced their dominance on these isles?

Liberals – the unspeakable in defence of the unspeakable.

Footnote: I’m in a funny mood this morning and may regret writing it later but as the young folk say when they cruelly dump each other on reality TV – It is what it is.

I am what I am, I’m……

4 thoughts on “WARNING: Some readers may be offended

  1. According to that paper whose name must not be mentioned

    “Its (the senate) powers would remain the same as at present – in other words no veto, only delay, and the right to ask the Commons to think again, and no power over finance.”


  2. Rats in a sack my god they are panicking at the moment, Scotland escaping their clutches is now a reality, awww. Even though England subsidises Scotland’s lavish lifestyle, (butler! where’s my caviar!’) and has been doing for yonks and yonks, 😉 they still want desperately to keep Scotland shackled, it’s really very weird.

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