Second poll in a row with more than 10% lead for yes and 15 in a row since June

15 full polls in a row now, since the beginning of June, with an average lead of 7.5. The latest follows Panelbase in early November at 11% and is the highest since the previous Ipsos MORI poll at 16%

In the Holyrood constituency vote, there’s an SNP lead of 33%:

And in the list vote, it’s 25%:

2 thoughts on “Second poll in a row with more than 10% lead for yes and 15 in a row since June

  1. No doubt the Brit Nat media (yes all of it) will reference Boris and his NO veto.
    Its important that Joanna Cherry won her place on the upper echelons of the party. She has a brain and will use it.
    We may require to go to court (if Boris hasn’t diminished its authority before then), and will need those with brains and balls. Go Joanna!.
    We may need to hold a Holyrood approved referendum and challenge Boris to do his worst. It may be that Boris will have quit by then.
    We may require the SNP to resign en masse and hold an independence election.
    We may need to take to the streets for democracy protests—catch the train, plane, boat or bus to auld London toon–and close down the streets for a while.

    We fought the Romans, the Angles, the Saxons, the Irish, the Vikings, the English, the Normans, ourselves—then our Aristo’s sold us down the river!.
    One more fight then we can live in peace!

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