No? Tories caught lying again?

The Fact Check verdict above.

The tweet that made it worth doing, below.

Their ‘previous’:


7 thoughts on “No? Tories caught lying again?

  1. The Britnats keep pushing the benefits to Scotland of being in a union with others but only so long as it is England’s union.
    Being in union with 27 other European nations is apparently bad for Scotland because England says so.
    We are not to be allowed to think or act independently of England,Greater or not,because it would not be in England’s interests.
    As usual,in an abusive relationship,it is all about the dominant partner.

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  2. No one believes a word they say, especially in Scotland. Johnston was sacked by Murdoch for lying. Lying criminals. Getting away with killing people. Illegal wars, tax evasion and financial fraud. Costing £Trns,


    1. Sorry to disagree with your first sentence Gordon, but I’m afraid a minority do believe in their propaganda, much to my annoyance. You only have to canvas during an Election/Referendum to encounter such views.


    2. People in England believe them though and that’s their agenda, to create animosity towards Scotland, all leading up to a soft coup, which the people of England will see as legit because Scotland’s been bad.
      Instigate hatred and division, governments can then do what they like because the perception is that neighbour, your enemy, is not your friend and needs a regime change…seems extreme but it’s been done before, and they will do it again.
      My father was in the army he didn’t say much about it, I suspect he witnessed some very nasty stuff by the Brits in charge, he said in order to get them to fight, they brainwashed them into thinking, believing those (mostly innocent) people are a personal enemy.


  3. In the EU benefits/welfare health provision are far better in most countries. Counties prosper with EU help. Contribution depend on size and wealth. The wealthier help the poorer. The UK was subsidised. Brexit will damage the economy.

    EU was founded after WW2 to stop war and starvation.

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