EXCLUSIVE: Westminster SNP Group responds to Joanna Cherry’s call for help

The Tusker has become aware of an email circulated to the Westminster SNP MPs and their staff, designed to correct an ‘untrue and defamatory letter’ which has triggered some enquiries from constituents. It makes these points:

  • The claim that Joanna Cherry has ‘funded’ a hate group is untrue and defamatory.
  • Joanna Cherry made a donation to Sarah Phillimore an English barrister specialising in Family Law. Ms Phillimore is taking legal action over her local police force recording information against her which she believes to be untrue
  • There is no link between Ms Cherry’s donation to Sarah Phillimore and We Are Fair Cop itself, nor any link between the donation and Fair Cop’s use of the #SayYesToHate hashtag
  • Tweets and an open letter by David Paisley have sought to conflate a tweet from the Fair Cop organisation and Ms Cherry’s crowdfunding for Sarah Phillimore’s legitimate cause.
  • At no time has Ms Cherry supported or endorsed the hashtag #SayYesToHate nor the organisation Fair Cop
  • Ms Cherry does not support any hate group and is on record as a defender of other people’s rights including the rights of Trans People and is a respected member of the Joint House of Lords and Commons Committee on Human Rights

Sarah Phillimore: CrowdJustice The police should not secretly record us as ‘hateful’ – https://www.crowdjustice.com/case/the-police-recorded-me-as-hate/

12 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Westminster SNP Group responds to Joanna Cherry’s call for help

  1. Another day. Another slight. Another headline. Boring. Any nonsense for cheap publicity. Paranoid. Prima donnas should get on with the job. Or find another one. So many good candidates.


    1. Gordon this is all being orcestrated to undermine the ScotGov it’s out there, it’s not about ‘prima donnas’ it looks like a serious attack on J.Cherry, and someone wants her out of the party!

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  2. There is obviously a campaign of disinformation about Cherry. Who is behind it?
    It would be naive to regard the SNP as pure and above scrutiny. The security services will have agents in place—-long term sleepers, bugging, turn-coats etc–some in high places.
    Holyrood for example was “swept” by the security services for bugs, before it opened–an ideal time to actually place bugs all throughout the building.
    You can see how the police had agents embedded in anti-nuke, green activists, anti-war organisations etc. Some for years.
    The SNP are a far bigger threat to the British State than any other peacetime agency. The response will be on a par, not just with the Party, but the media in Scotland will also be compromised.

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    1. “About Cherry”—I had meant to add that Cherry may be regarded as a potentially bigger threat to the Union than Sturgeon.
      She is an articulate, focused and highly intelligent politician, Just like Nicola.
      Sturgeon’s reputation has been getting softened up by relentless newspaper articles by Brit Nat commentators, derogatory& misogynist letters, and endless jibes and attacks by her opponents (reported daily by the BEEB) all throughout this pandemic. If somehow, the mud stuck, and they got rid of Sturgeon, how peeved would they be if she was replaced by someone ever more fiery?
      Hence the backstabbing of Cherry, by some who are in close proximity to the FM, and pass themselves as her guardians. But I believe some of them are Spooks, whose loyalty is to the British State

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      1. Absolutely spot on. Some of the ‘advisers’ at top level in the ScotGov are installed by the EngGov, to imagine they would be beholden to anyone BUT the BritNat state is crazy.

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