Tiers for Piers: SNP Government still saving more lives

Today’s daily update is for Piers Morgan and, of course, Andrew Marr. Oh, and that Dan Whatsit on BBC Breakfast.

The Covid death rate for Scotland, for yesterday (above) was much lower than in the rest of the UK and has been for two weeks, as it was for most of the pandemic period.

All graphs: https://www.travellingtabby.com/uk-coronavirus-tracker/

3 thoughts on “Tiers for Piers: SNP Government still saving more lives

  1. P.Morgan and A.Marr
    Must and should be very very careful as to how they wish to present data
    Because it now gives our side to present data on exactly the same basis for the last 4 weeks prev.to date submitted
    As i stated before the course this virus follows from initial infection to hospital to ICU then the morgue is highly predictable
    So for the last 4 weeks the new cases for England have been seriously rising proportionally well in excess of Scotland
    And Hospital admissions and ICU are now seriously diverging
    But i must point out it is almost on a daily basis to accurately plot ICU and Hospital data
    For England
    As more often than not the exact same nos.appear for 2 to 3 days in a row
    Whilst Scottish data is simple and accurate daily
    Nonetheless and Since the dirty A.Marr trick on Sunday
    I now as of that infamous deed keep a very watchful eye on relevant data
    As i stated previously from initial new case
    To Hospital To Ice To Morgue then this virus is so predictable as to where the figs.end up
    And for the last 4 weeks pro rata / 100k of population English new cases,Hospital and ICU figs are far ahead of Scotland
    Which as sure as night follows day English death rates are and will continue to diverge on a ever increasing basis for at least the next 6 weeks
    So and as the dirty trick brigade presented their Skewed data on Sunday
    Here are the facts from Sun to Tues the last 3 days
    Scotland deaths 39 no.
    England deaths 914 no
    Pro rata Scotland should be 74 no.
    And that is exactly why the propaganda masters have set and baited a gin trap
    That shall firmly snap closed upon their own legs
    Who ever masterminded this dirty trick
    Is indeed a Knave of the highest order
    Their action smacks of fear,panic,undue haste, total ignorance of how this virus behaves, complete and utter stupidly
    In military terms our foe committed a cardinal error and as all mistakes by foes it must be punished ruthlessly
    As John Cleese would say re.WW2 to the Germans who complained about his constant
    Reminder he was espousing to them as to who won the war
    ” Well you bloody well started it ”
    As far as our foes using these figures as / A.Marr and P.Morgan
    My reply is GOT YA
    Do not Bloody dare move now
    You will rip your leg off


  2. Thanks for showing the Travelling Tabby graph. It does show clearly that over a few days the Scottish death figures were higher than the English ones, which is what sleekit Andrew Marr focussed on in his interview with the FM.
    However, it is quite obvious that those days are an aberation and that the Scottish figures are generally considerably lower than those in England, and particularly when you look at earlier months.
    Could one reason be that the Scottish mid-term break was earlier than the English one and that caused a spike which was replicated in England a week later. By then the Scottish figures are reducing. It’s all a matter of context and looking at the bigger picture.

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    1. Surely the Scottish spike results from our schools and universities starting their Autumn terms about a month earlier than schools & Unis in England & Wales? Their 1 month delay is now reflected in the dramatic recent rise in deaths and infections in England & Wales. Apart from the 4 weeks used by Marr to confront Sturgeon, the Scottish rates per 100,000 population have been consistently lower for the entire duration of Covid19. Obviously it’s no a matter of chance that Marr chose that precise period to skew the stats. Does the BBC not have a requirement to provide accurate and balanced information and comment?


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