Ooooh, did you hear about…?

It’s Neil Mackay again! I know, leave ‘im ee’s not warf it!

Oh OK, just one more time? I’m completely aff the Scotsman now so I need to chew on something.

Today’s twaddle:

THERE’S one of the SNP top brass I’m friendly with, and not so long ago they brought the MP Joanna Cherry up in conversation apropos of nothing. She must have been playing on their mind. “It’s all about Joanna,” they said – with an acid-drop hiss which made clear they wouldn’t be inviting their party colleague around for Sunday afternoon tea any time soon. Cherry, they felt, is too fond of the limelight and her ambition is damaging and distracting the party. My acquaintance is a big noise in the SNP – one of the party’s most prominent politicians and a close pal to Nicola Sturgeon.

Sounds like an imaginary friend there and if there is one of the ‘SNP top brass’ who is such a sad ‘Johnny-no-pals’ as to have befriended a Herald journo, he’ll be breaking-off toot suit after reading that.

Do the rest of us care that much about these twitterspats between one or two leading members? I don’t. I have my eye firmly fixed on the big target and, crucially, I can still see clearly that only the SNP can get us out of this mess – the Union.

Opinion poll after opinion poll tells us that 99% of the electorate is not paying a blind bit of attention to the commentariat gossip.

As for Mackay’s pal, if you’re real, get a life saddo!

Finally, leading the Yes movement, whoever said the SNP should take it over? They haven’t to my knowledge.

Dear reader, who should be the face of the Yes Movement 2021?

Sanjeev Kohli (Navid) or Jack?

He who hingeth aboot getteth heehaw”

10 thoughts on “Ooooh, did you hear about…?

  1. The “face” of the YES movement will be BORIS.
    Just one example of the self-regarding, public-school boy elitist buffoons who like to regard Scotland as a huntin’ fishin’ kind of place: where nuclear waste depositaries are best suited: WMD’s located (though not the building of, or the refitting): dangerous fast breeder reactors (again the research jobs are in England), loads of land for trees (since England can never meet its quota), fishing grounds for trading, and where a pair of total GLUNDIES like Fluffy Mundell/Hi Jack can be allowed to power to run our country, trashing the democratic choice of the electorate –though I bet Labour and the Dumbs would find this acceptable—for a small ermine consideration!
    As for Neil MacKay—why would anyone believe a word he writes? Everything he says is a contradiction of what he claims he supports?
    Like McKenna, a false flag merchant.

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    1. I’m very sympathetic to your assessment of those individuals that rule over us in Westminster. I am just a bit ‘thoughtful’ about how this distaste is used in case making.

      It may be splitting hairs- tho’ I don’t think so – but the key for me is that presently we have a system in which the likes of Johnson can be imposed on Scotland: he exemplifies what can happen so long as we remain the Union. In my view, the case to dissolve the Union is NOT Johnson per se – he will be just a fleeting presence – but rather the fact that within the Union we too often get a government different from what we vote for and also have to rely on a parliament in which our interests can ALWAYS be in a minority – and because of the foregoing we can, at worst, get landed with PMs like Johnson.

      Just as voting no in 2014 because some ‘couldn’t stand’ Alex Salmond was ‘daft’, so voting yes now just because of liking Nicola Sturgeon and/or hating Boris Johnson is basically daft too.

      Independence is to all intents and purposes, ‘for ever’ and political leaders will come and go. What these leaders reveal about the agency that independence brings – choosing the good to have and/or the bad to avoid – is a legitimate case to make but too much focus on the merits of personalities at a point in time could be used, with some justification, to trivialise independence motivations. Indeed is this not already being attempted by Unionists?

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      1. Oh, I agree with your assessment. “Boris” is just an example of a type, and the case for independence rests on a “democratic” foundation. Self-government being the normal condition for national entities. Confederation might be a respectable outcome, but that only works with all participants having, then agreeing to share, sovereignty. I doubt if England would ever agree to that.
        I suspect if we are “granted” another vote by Westminster( I am sure we will need litigation or an “independence” election) it would be because Boris has left the building.
        But if he is still in power, then he should be targeted, simply because of his Scotophobic commentary over the last two decades. And all the better if he hides away.

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      2. Have to agree with you on his stewartb, and I think you make a very important point – we do, in all seriousness, want independence in perpetuity, and we should be looking towards ensuring we are never ruled over by another country ever again. Perhaps the first line of any constitution should simply state this, that at no point ever, in the future of Scotland, can any governing body, ever, hand over our governance to any other government. Fleeting politicians are not the problem or the solution: it’s the fundamental structures that are.

        I saw a suggestion yesterday – I can’t remember the exact discussion – that an independent Scotland should have a second House – the Upper Chamber of Citizens – that is, the top legislating body should be comprised of citizens. An interesting concept – it was suggested all positions in government should be elected,,, but I wonder if a house of citizens should be chosen like a jury is, it’s then everyone’s obligation to sit if randomly selected. Interesting one to consider anyway.

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  2. As for Mackay’s pal, if you’re real, get a life saddo!

    Oh how I like that John,I am sure a lot of SNP top brass read this blog and if he or she is the person they should be bloody ashamed of themselves being friendly with Mackay.

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    1. I hope SNP top brass and their researchers read this blog. . . However the lack of facts at their fingure tips when told the Scot Gov. Are failing at health Covid education etc, makes me wonder.

      Monday’s GMS was told at about 7.30am that the FM would be interviewed between 8 and 9am . . . . She wasn’t brought on till 8.55am.
      So minimal audience, whilst Robertson, pummeled her hoping to get something to use against tge SNP/ Scot Gov.


    2. Be Alyn Smith or another one of Wokoharam or is it a coincidence that this story drops as Cherry is elected to the NEC while they are voted off it!


  3. Don’t know about leading the wider Yes Movement, but, I’ve got a feeling, maybe Isa has taken over the SNP.


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