Baby Box 2 campaign launched!

With another gleeful image choice from the lad (16) who find them, in between taking his acne pills, the Herald’s Tom Gordon attacks the Scottish Government’s plan to give £500 to NHS and care staff, using the rarely read Fraser of Allander Institute’s latest, to damn the initiative:

SCOTLAND’S leading economic thinktank has issued a stinging critique of Nicola Sturgeon’s plan for a tax-free £500 coronavirus bonus for NHS and care staff.  The Fraser of Allander Institute said the First Minister’s plea to Boris Johnson not to tax the money was muddled, would reward the rich more than the poor, and was overtly political.

Needless to say the actual report is not quite the ‘stinging critique’ Gordon suggests. Indeed on politics, it merely suggests ‘there is a healthy dose of politics in its call on the UK Government to exempt Scottish bonus payments from Scottish income tax.’

Do I smell burning baby boxes as memories of the overtly political reaction to that initiative by the opposition parties and the Scottish media, surge back? Remind me again, how many babies were burned by the self-combusting boxes, out of the more than 100 000 now issued?

As for the ‘leading economic thinktank’, here’s a bit of their track record, again via Tom Gordon, in May 2020:

SNP ministers need to be bolder and more innovative in response to the coronavirus crisis, and not just complain about Holyrood being shortchanged by Westminster, the country’s top economic thinktank has said. The Fraser of Allander Institute said the UK Government had been “quite bold”, while the Scottish Government was harping on its usual complaint about limited borrowing powers.

Leading? Yes, as in trying to lead us away from independent thinking.

15 thoughts on “Baby Box 2 campaign launched!

  1. “Top Scottish think tank”… okay… but what about the “bottom [paid] health and social care workers” who’ve spent months at the sharpest end worried that they are going to get covid and pass it to their patients and take it home to their family.

    The GOTCHA mentality really has infected all of Scotland’s media. We’re losing our humanity for each other.

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  2. The FAI seem quite friendly towards the ‘UK government’, a tad hostile toward the Scottish government. Who funds them? The FAI are an independent organisation? O/T My WP account is playing up, can’t access ‘reader’ at the mo.

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  3. Fret not
    No need to chew the cud on this matter
    Quite simply put yourself in the shoes of 1 of the recipient’s of this £ 500
    And as you gaze upon your pay slip and note the deductions
    No need to wonder who the B*****ds are
    Do the maths
    The recipients and their friends and family far less the general public who have the vote
    All amount to a very large number which is disproportionately high
    Although these monies were never intended to Buy votes
    Me thinks many will be given in a thank you return and not for the monies
    But one of It is The Thought that counts
    And it is exactly the same as far as the vote that counts
    When Tories Buy votes it is always at considerable expense and long term damage
    With a Scorpions sting in the tail
    But with regards this £ 500 pound heartfelt
    Thank you
    Then it is only the Tories who shall feel this sting from the tail
    No matter how they react
    Sorry tis Game Set & Match particularly in the Polling booths in May for Holyrood for the Tories


  4. HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) administers and collects Scottish income tax as part of the UK tax system.
    Taxpayer records with Scottish addresses are identified in HMRC’s systems by a flag which indicates that they are subject to Scottish income tax rates and thresholds.
    HM Treasury is responsible for the payment of the Scottish income tax to the Scottish Government.
    Following the end of each tax year, HMRC produces a provisional estimate of the Scottish income tax revenue for that year. The final outturn is calculated in the following year once HMRC has received further information from taxpayers and employers.

    It would appear that uprating the £500 to include standard rate tax as some have suggested would result in even more cash going to UK tax coffers before being returned after at least 1 year

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    1. A bit like the treasury demanding VAT from police Scotland for years too? We never seem to be able to just pay tax once, it’s like they’re trying squeeze every last drop from us, always one more pound of flesh. They’re relentless!

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  5. I got the impression from early yesterday that the BBC Scotland was planning to damn this action by the SG. GMS had lukewarm reports, then this was followed by the ‘attack sheep’ Kaye ‘inviting’ people to give their comments – most of whom attacked the proposal. Clips from these were played on bulletins. On Drivetime, John Beattie had 4 vox pops, three of whom were opposed, and one of these was from ‘a consultant at a Glasgow hospital who wishes to remain anonymous’. Could this be the same consultant who was at a dinner party attended by Mr Beattie and who caused a fuss about had sanitisers at the QEUH?

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    1. Reporting Scotland certainly went to town on it in their evening bulletin. They even had agms Union rep stating that the bin men were every bit as deserving and their morale was now at rock bottom because they were not getting it.

      I guess they had the union rep on rather than a Labour MSP/spokesperson in case people remembered that the Labour administration in Wales had already given care workers a £500 thank you

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      1. As the first comment noted when the clip was posted on Youtube by Indyref Two, – “Chris, the Rangers fan and arch unionist”…
        Pacific Quay’s crew didn’t seek out views from the public in the street when greater “balance” could be accomplished with “arch unionist” Chis Mitchell, and “arse unionist” DRoss , as contrived a propaganda piece as any in BBC Scotland’s long and wearisome tradition…


  6. It’s truly sickening that some people actually begrudge a small payment to those working their socks off to save peoples lives and support the vulnerable/disabled, it’s a thank you, for putting their lives on the line. One of my son’s carer support workers has long Covid, I am sure they will appreciate a bonus to tide them over winter.
    What a disgrace that the BritNats quibble, argue, and attempt to divide people over this during a pandemic. They have a lot to answer for, and the ones in politics being paid a very very generous wage from the public purse should hang their heads in shame.
    Enemies of the people, enemies of Scotland, despicable.

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  7. BBC Scotland, as exemplified by the Scotland content of the BBC News website, is pulling out all the stops to aggregate and amplify negative reactions to the SG’s £500 bonus for health and adult social care staff. And as others have said here, the media coverage has been so very different from that of the Labour Welsh government’s comparable bonus scheme earlier this year.

    The BBC coverage reveals the leader of the Tories in Scotland, Douglas Ross giving up all grasp of basic logic. He is claiming that the SG’s insistence that the Westminster government makes the payment tax exempt is, in terms, disreputable politicking in order to promote the cause of independence whilst exactly the same demand of Westminster from the pro-Union Labour leader in Wales, Mark Drakeford earlier this year is clearly no such thing.

    However, some have come out in support of the SG’s action.


    “UNISON, Scotland’s largest health union, announced today (Tuesday) that it is calling off its NHS pay ballot following a Scottish government announcement of a £500 pro rata payment for all health workers.”

    And the following may provide useful context:

    “Across the UK, UNISON is campaigning for an early settlement of next year’s pay award and for a minimum flat rate pay rise for all NHS staff. Because of a separate clause in the last pay deal in Scotland, UNISON has also been campaigning to get the Scottish government to reopen this year’s pay deal to ensure an extra payment for NHS workers this financial year as part of our Pay Up Now campaign.”

    One thought occurs having read this Unison statement: given the position that the SG is now in regarding its own budget for next year because of the unwillingness of the Tory government so far to announce a budget for next year plus the outstanding uncertainties over the details of the Tory government’s intentions concerning public sector pay in England, it may be particularly difficult at this time for the SG to agree an EARLY settlement of what would need to be a binding for the medium term, public sector pay deal.

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  8. It’s no that the Scottish media , the britnats , disagree with the £500 per se ,
    Their disagreement is with Scottish independence
    Their hatred of Scottish independence turns to hatred of Scottish independence,s loudest voice the SNP
    So they hate the SNP
    The SNP governs Scotland
    So they hate the Scottish government

    Why ?
    Because they have made such a good living out of it ,their children and their children’s children get jobs in the BBC they become Labour or Tory or Lib Dem politicians or they become journalists for the britnat media.

    That’s why we see all this illogical spite and hate about rewarding care workers with £500

    One day we will shine a light on the underbelly of the evil web of lies and deceit intertwined within all of the britnat Westminster supporting media people in Scotland and fake and corrupt think tanks like Fraser Allander will be consigned to the rubbish dump where they belong


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