£500 bonuses in SNP Scotland and Labour Wales

In June, Welsh Labour made the above promise. By August, the bonus was taxed by the UK.

In Scotland, the planned bonus led Ian Murray, Labour/Scotland in Union, to scoff, ignorant of the full facts:

The Herald’s Tom Gordon joined the scoffing, the next day:

Was the Welsh Labour initiative ‘overtly political’ or just deserved? Is there an equivalent there to the Herald or to Tom Gordon? Do they have a spotty lad to find photos for them, like the above?

5 thoughts on “£500 bonuses in SNP Scotland and Labour Wales

  1. No doubt Nicola was 100% genuine and throughly compassionate with the £ 500
    But also a political master stroke upon the
    Polling chess board
    The most notable result being that such was only briefly shown on major TV channels
    Then it has disappeared into the ether
    Such tells and reveals all about them
    Impossible to offer a counter move that enhances their existing terribly weak position


  2. The 500 bonus follows Drakeford’s earlier initiative, but the FM was shrewd to float the tax-free plea, sure to get plaudits from public and recipients alike, and guaranteed to send the antianythingindy into overdrive on the counter propaganda, and invite blunders such as NeverHurry always accomplishes, or Tom Gordon’s overblown FoA response.

    Those getting the bonus will be grateful whether it is 500 or 340, WM look greedy, and the media look stupid.
    She played them all like a fiddle, now everybody is talking over what tax powers SG actually have as opposed to inferred, indeed bravo…

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  3. Britnat Westminster and its supporters like Ian “oooh look at me in my union jack suit” Murray MP are so hateful of Scotland they will eagerly jump at the chance to make themselves look even more foolish and hypocritical.


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