Imaging having to do this for a living?

From Tom Gordon in the Herald today:

NICOLA Sturgeon has put Boris Johnson at the heart of her campaign to win another SNP majority at Holyrood and claim a mandate for an independence referendum, trashing the Prime Minister and his record on Covid. In her closing speech to the SNP conference, the First Minister said the pandemic had shown how the PM and Westminster could not be trusted with Scotland’s future.

So based on a few words in her speech, Gordon’s political insight is the above.

Once more his view is predicated on a belief, like BBC and ITV commentators yesterday, that actual SNP performance would not win by itself.

I don’t know whether he goes on to repeat Andrew Marr’s contemptable misuse of the data to pretend ‘her’ Covid response has been less successful that that of Boris but I feel sure I don’t need to repeat the clear facts, in ONS and other sources, that infection, deaths and deaths within care homes are, and have all along been, far worse in England. The data and the links are in numerous previous posts here.

Had any significant number of Scots been listening and/or believing the fake news across the mainstream media, I’d be worried but they’re not and judging by another YouGov poll for the 27th November with SNP support at 55% the SNP doesn’t need Boris to help them over the line.

You can see from numerous polls that the Boris negative push factor is only one of many including the powerful pull factors of confidence in the FM, the SNP and in NHS Scotland. Add to that several polls showing large majorities supportive of the concept of Holyrood as the place where decisions should be taken and you have a far more robust and sustainable basis for victory.

I feels sure ‘Sturgeon’ has a large pinboard with lots of things pinned on it.

Tom Gordon, I feel sure knows better but has to write this kind of stuff for his bosses. Journalism courses are popular like the ones to become a vet. In both cases, enthusiastic first-year students may not know what bloody horror awaits them.

7 thoughts on “Imaging having to do this for a living?

  1. ‘Journalists’ and statistics not a happy match. They would have been better studying maths. They always get it wrong or twist the truth. Delusional.


  2. “Imagine having to do this for a living “. It’s obviously taking a toll, look at the state of Tom Gordon, stick a bolt through his neck, Hey Oresto instant Frankenstien.

    Pinning rise of support for Indy, and SNP on Boris Karloff (Johnson) opens up the possibility for the yoons to remove Boris and declare the problem solved backed up by a few dodgy polls.


  3. The narrative being pushed by the Brit Nat side is “independence” is only a row between Sturgeon and Johnson. Presumably they think the SNP popped out of a box a year ago, with no history, no context other than “us agin Boris”
    This is curious since Johnson wont change his spots—– but he could be replaced or quit (money being his issue).

    Then the Brit Nats story would be–“Boris has gone, and with him your grievance “. “Back in your box”.


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