8 thoughts on “November Statistics

  1. ? Indeed ,for many months now you have been my go to guy for accurate evidence based news ,I most often read your articles at the same time as enduring what passes as churnalism,by our mainstream media and it really does shame them ,you are a credit to Scotland and deserve a far greater audience

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  2. Agree with Terence. This looks like interference.

    On one hand, your efforts are clearly making a mark. On the other, making that mark highlights you as a target.

    I base these thoughts on the fact that we have a growing support for independence, so it is logical to assume that such an increase would result in more people finding your website.

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  3. As above, increasing indy support is driven by the site which in turn increases visits, the site is regularly referenced from other sites, specific articles cited on social media for topical issues debunked.
    The numbers don’t make sense unless some form of interference is being run, but not savvy enough to know how.

    If so, you’re a bigger spanner in the propaganda works than you aimed to be, wearing down your confidence will be one objective, dropping the site’s visibility will be another, don’t let the b*****s wear you down.
    Have no fear, the message is continuing to get out, sooner or later the HOW will become apparent even if the WHO remains invisible, and the numbers will rise again…

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  4. They are terrified of the truth reaching more people. The BritNats have controlled the narrative unopposed for a very long time, but people are sick of the lies now, and so your site in calling out the media for their lies, and dangerous misinformation, is obviously not the BritNats’ favourite, it’s a spanner in the works. In order to share on twitter I have to log in (I am not logged out of my twitter so it’s being tampered with, and happens with other pro indy sites) and go around in circles filling in passwords and a captcha thing. So I go direct to twitter to share your articles.
    I noticed you have option of updates via email, good idea.
    Onwards, and upwards, your site is excellent and even if ten people who read it and so next indy ref, vote for independence, it’s a job worth doing.
    Thank you.


  5. John, you do a terrific job of providing an antidote to the lies, obfuscation, misdirection, omission and Brit Nat Commision of the “Scottish” media. Please keep it up (as the actress said……).

    Drop in numbers? A Wee advertising campaign.
    I can see it now——–

    John emerging from the sea onto Ayr beach, in his day-glo candy striped mankini, credentials clearly visible, water dripping off his stylish mottled-blue skin (Ayrshire summer).
    Watched by Drongan belle, Stushie Galore, goggle-eyed and adoring.

    “Is that a banana, John, or are you just pleased to see me”?
    “I shee you, Shtushie; They don’t call me the TUSKER for nothing, as I’m always like this”!
    “Even on Ayr beach in November”!

    Expect an avalanche of new viewing.


  6. My fingers are rendered speechless by GavinO’s… erm… contribution(?)

    Can only say thanks for all you do and keep up the good work!


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