Not in Scotland

In a typically irrelevant style, the Herald suggests:

A BLANKET policy which requires entire primary school class ‘bubbles’ to self-isolate if one child tests positive for Covid is too restrictive and not based on evidence, researchers have said. They warned that primary school children “will disproportionately experience harm” if more is not done to take account of the differences in transmission risk between young children compared with older children.

Perhaps, I’m not looking hard enough but I see not sign of blanket policy or even a policy. I’ve searched most recent Scottish Government guidance documents but can see no sign of any such policy.

I did find in this Fife Council FAQs:

What happens if there are concerns that a number of children/staff are unwell and Covid-19 might be present in the school/educational setting but there have not been any test results?

If pupils/staff are unwell and there is a concern this might be Covid-19, the Headteacher or senior manager at a school or educational setting will contact the NHS Fife Health Protection Team (HPT) directly. It is likely the immediate advice would be that individuals with symptoms should self-isolate and are tested. There will still be circulation of other more common viruses.

Will the school close if any child or teacher tests positive for Covid-19?

Each case will be looked at individually to assess the risk. If someone in the school or nursery tests positive, the school will continue to follow measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The local Health Protection Team (HPT) will conduct a rapid investigation and undertake a risk assessment. The HPT will advise on the most appropriate actions to take.

What interventions might be put in place if there is an outbreak in the school or nursery? 

The local Health Protection Team (HPT) or Incident Management Team (IMT) will work with the school to identify the appropriate measures. They will decide what steps need to be taken locally to contain any outbreak.

There is no mention, anywhere, of whole classes having to self-isolate. The Health Protection Team will decide and advise on the basis of the circumstances operating at the time.

This is just another scare story or lazy journalism or both.


6 thoughts on “Not in Scotland

  1. The ‘blanket policy’ is just something they made up then, these are not journalists they are pen pushers for the BritNat state, dancing to any old rubbish tune they are told to.
    Their ‘blanket’ lies are very tedious, pandering to the uninformed, hoping to brainwash them.
    Spinners of word fabrications, a web of lies, can’t be good for the soul imo.


  2. This is an example of the media wanting it both ways – the attack is an end in itself, the fact that there are actually members of the public involved is of no concern.
    Last week they were echoing the EIS demand to close schools early, ostensibly to prevent the spread. Now they are opposing actions which have been taken in specific cases to protect children and teachers and generalising from these specifics to a ‘blanket policy’.

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