Andrew Marr’s sneaky use of data to fake the news demands complaints

Graph by UK Coronavirus Tracker, Line by James Dewar

The graph above shows how the Covid death rate in Scotland and England was similar until the 20th November when they began to diverge.

The rate had been far lower for long periods before that explaining the overall gap between 681 per 1 million in Scotland and 906 in England.

Marr’s use of a carefully selected subset of only 4 weeks between 19th of October to 9th of November, finishing 3 weeks before the broadcast (!) was scandalous.

Dear reader, put a complaint in.

12 thoughts on “Andrew Marr’s sneaky use of data to fake the news demands complaints

  1. Are you turning tory .Belgium population is about twice that of Scotland and about a fifth of engurland

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    1. I think the use of Belgium as a comparator was in terms of area. Because of its fairly high population, Belgium has a high density of population and I suspect that population density is a significant factor in infection rates. Because of the EU institutions it has a lot of international travel.

      Apart from Chile, there is no other country similar to Norway – very long, very narrow and largely on steep slopes of a mountain range. So, apart from the south which contains Oslo and Bergen, Norway is very sparsely populated and the isolation of many communities means transmission is difficult.

      In Scotland, the population is largely in the Central belt, with Glasgow and surrounding towns being densely populated, infection rates are high. In the Northern and Western Islands and in the more sparsely populated areas, infection rates are low. In the ‘first wave’Shetland had relatively high per capita rates, which was probably attributable to travellers associated with the oil industry.

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  2. Yes by all means put a complaint in as I have
    In my Uni.research days the Statistician in charge of approving your data and results
    From a experiment
    Would in the strongest possible terms dismiss such a graph that blatantly skews the reality of what actually happened
    But fret not soon and in the coming weeks
    And especially the next 4 weeks the opposite
    More than likely happen
    I constantly monitor the deaths,infections,ICU & Hospital admissions
    And as the path this virus takes is rather predictable.
    Scotland had its schools and Uni.return earlier and that explains what is shown in Marr,s graph
    Just wait 4 more weeks and quite the opposite will happen
    Throw it back in his face
    It takes 2 to tango and it is time to tell him
    Andrew you have been Tangoed when it arises
    I assure that pro rata ICU And Hospital nos.
    In England for the last 10 days are seriously
    Disproportionate to that of Scotland
    That can but only lead to a disproportionate
    Increase in England’s death rate
    Andrew my dear fellow
    Be Very Very Careful of What You Wish for


  3. Best if you relate the complaint to the specific show as the BBC will ask for the date and time of the broadcast. Not having seen the item in question it makes the complaint less specific and treated on a lower scale by the BBC as a result.


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