Why is BBC faking Scottish infection rates today?


See those last words? They’re being reported all over BBC TV and radio broadcasts. The notion is based on this:

In Scotland, an estimated 45,700 people had the virus in the week to 21 November – one person in every 115, up from one in 155 the previous week. But the ONS says the results are based on modelling and “should be interpreted with caution”.

Why do we need modelling? We know the actual figures. See this graph:


For more accuracy, the 7-day average in Scotland is today 939.1 new cases per day. On November 20th it was 1087.6 and on November 13th it was 1183.6. It’s clearly falling.

What is going on?

8 thoughts on “Why is BBC faking Scottish infection rates today?

  1. Westminster’s plan is still herd immunity , always has been.
    Everything they have done has been in line with this plan.
    Now they are copying Scottish governments daily covid reports.
    Now they are copying Scottish governments statements.

    Their plan is to mirror Scottish government
    And then issue statistics such as this to make out that Westminster is more effective than Scottish government

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  2. You ask what is going on
    Answer. what in military terms may be described as Reconnaissance in force
    A technique deployed by Guerdian to subvert
    Hilters orders to hold

    ABC ( BBC)
    Have obviously new command and control and put Smith out & upfront in a very blatant attack
    She even took at a dig at excess deaths stating we were amongst the worst in Europe
    Nicola badly needs to sharpen her pencil
    E.G. by way of reply that when in comes to official covid deaths Scotland is doing far better in comparison to
    France,Spain,Sweden,Italy & Belgium
    And while we are at it 36.2 % better than England
    Meet force with Force
    Tis a law of Physics as well
    Each and every force has a equal one applied back
    Just read a article that appeared in Nature Magazine
    Whereby Iceland has been ultra smart especially during the 2nd wave
    A synopsis of which that you must get a grip on asymptomatic carries via genome data
    Test,find them, Isolate with vigour and constant follow up
    During the 1st wave they found that just 1 no.
    Young asymptomatic person spread to 55 others in a few days.
    Such was established by knowing the genome
    We could learn many lessons going forward from what Iceland have achieved by simple
    Analysis of what is going on and implementing a rational well thought out organised response

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  3. They’re doing what they’ve been doing from the start, smudging the grim situation in England. Infection rates “levelling off” at 1 in 85 (average remember) coming out of lockdown does not bode well for 2022 after “ho-ho-ho be jolly careful out there”, while Scotland has half that rate and SG are still being cautious as they want it lower still for the Christmas window.
    Inevitably the break will escalate infections etc., but BBC have clearly been instructed to bullshit things are better than they are for the English audience yet again, pity help them…

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  4. “It’s clearly falling . . . . What’s going on”

    They have come up with a new way of lying.

    Instead of using actual figures , ignore reality, get Englands Staticians to make some up!

    Hope the FM adresses this in tomorrow’s Covid update.

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  5. Scotland ONS data 6 weeks ending 21 Nov shows spike although tested cases falling

    Wales ONS shows fall although tested cases rising

    ONS modelling or muddling?


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