Only 7.4% of Scots watch Reporting Scotland and nearly two thirds do not rate BBC Scotland’s portrayal of Scotland

Is Scotland portrayed at all in that cover? Killing Eve’s psychokiller did visit a horrific baronial castle and golf course with guys in kilts for her too say ‘ooo!’ at, so that’d help.

In Ofcom’s annual report, we see:

However, people in Scotland continue to rate the BBC’s delivery of the range of content representing Scotland (41% Scotland vs. 49% UK average) and the
portrayal of Scotland (38% Scotland vs. 50% UK average) below average
. (P67)

The BBC has identified some ‘less satisfied’ audience groups, which are largely in line with those we have highlighted in each of our annual reports on the BBC, including those in lower socio-economic groups, audiences in Scotland and disabled people. (P33)

Scotland: The proportion of qualifying spend (10.4% to 9.1%) and hours (16.7% to 15.1%) both fell but remain above the quota. Qualifying programmes made in Scotland included All Round to Mrs Brown’s, Eggheads and Homes Under the Hammer. (P36)

Oh yes, very Scottish. Makes you proud.

Reporting Scotland on BBC One Scotland averaged 403,014 and a 28% share. BARB data indicates that the average audience among 16-34
year-olds for The Nine is very low (less than 1,000 16-34s per episode), much lower than for Reporting Scotland (15,000 16-34s per episode).

403 000 sound a lot but it’s only 7.4% of the population.

Onwards and downwards!

10 thoughts on “Only 7.4% of Scots watch Reporting Scotland and nearly two thirds do not rate BBC Scotland’s portrayal of Scotland

  1. I never watch BBC ,I cancelled my license , but then , my wife started paying it because she wants to watch quizzes.
    We argue about it.
    I hate the idea we pay BBC who are Westminster’s propaganda method of lying to people in Scotland .

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    1. When my wife left me 2 years ago I happily packed up the TV I had bought and put it in her car for her. I then cancelled the Virgin TV contract and cancelled my TV license.

      I don’t miss it. I have far too much other stuff to occupy my time. I’ve joined the ISP and am heavily involved in various ways. Much more interesting and entirely Scotland focussed stuff.


  2. Why on Earth would anyone pay to be brainwashed? With the internet, I just cannot fathom why people pay the tv tax, the amount of materal out there, to watch, online, including quizzes etc, and via alternative mediums is just mind boggling. I have so much to read and watch I just can’t keep up, you’d need a thousand lifetimes! Aeon, Planet 42, Open Culture, Short of the Week, Internet Archive all for free, archival films, so many via libraries etc, up to date stuff if you pay, youtube, and so many great science sites, it’s endless.

    Why narrow yourself to the terrible, mind numbing BritNat broadcasters, ie, propaganda.
    Only reason to pay tv tax is if you are a real journalist and you need to see, read, and report on their lies to put the record straight with actual facts. Otherwise, their anti Scotland rubbish needs to be binned. It’s nothing new either, been going on for far far too long. Do not pay the BritNats brainwashing corporation, it’s the real enemy of Scotland.

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    1. Absolutely correct
      I plead with all that we DO NOT pay the licence fee
      Merely consider each and every payment
      As none other than a bullet for their gun of which the barrel is firmly stuck into our mouths
      Whilst the slimy finger of Boris is upon the most hairline of triggers and a Burlington smile upon his weasel lips

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  3. I was brought up with BBC news, I’ve watched it for years. However in the past year I’ve just given up, it’s dire.
    STV is not perfect by any means but it’s ten times better and more watchable than the BBC offering.


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