Managed Isolation?

A friend of the Tusker sent the above.

Managed isolation, I’m guessing means supervised in some way so that, unless they refuse to cooperate, you can be sure it works.

There were no new community infections in the previous day so I’m guessing it does.

Back in Scotland, we know that 80% of cases came from Spain. There are only three major airports for international travel.

Could we not do just the same things as New Zealand has done.

I know, we’re not an island. More heavily infected parts of England will inevitably bleed some cases into Scotland and self-isolation will not be 100% or anything like it but stemming the international flow still seems worth working on.

5 thoughts on “Managed Isolation?

  1. The example of Australia is also relevant here. Yes, its a ‘big’ island but it also has densely populated cities. Its combination of very restricted travel into the country coupled with properly enforced quarantine arrangements for the limited numbers of permitted arrivals PLUS inter-state border controls on travel within Australia seem to worked well.

    This in combination could have been done in Great Britain if Westminster had chosen to do so.

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    1. Canada has been doing pretty well too, apart from a recent small spike in infections because of the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday.
      Anyone arriving in Canada has to quarantine for14 days as do those
      crossing from one Province to another except for those in a bubble, such as the Maritime Provinces. The border with the USA is closed to all non-essential traffic.


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