I know! I know! Wait, no, I don’t

The writer finds little comfort for Ross other than maybe true-blue Labour politicians like the Aberdeen 9.

What about Britain First? They have Scottish antecedents:

Britain First was founded by Jim Dowson, who ran a call centre in Dundonald, East Belfast, for the BNP. Dowson’s links with the BNP as a fundraiser ended acrimoniously in October 2010 when he was accused of groping a female activist. A former Calvinist minister, Dowson is a Scottish Christian fundamentalist. Based in BallygowanNorthern Ireland, he also led an anti-abortion campaign, the UK Life League. He is linked to Ulster loyalist groups in Northern Ireland.


They could stand in selected places to split the Labour vote and let the Tories in.

The Scottish Unionist Association Trust could get them some more ‘dark money’ to paint kerb stones red, white and blue.

Wait, too late, they’ve turned:

Jim Dowson
Dowson said he would be coordinating a vast network of ‘patriotic’ media outlets to promote Scottish separatism. Photograph: YouTube

A one-time prominent protester against restrictions on flying the union flag over Belfast City Hall, Dowson was unapologetic about his 180-degree turn on the union between Scotland and the rest of the UK. “I have been a fanatical defender of the union, but I am a pragmatist, and England is finished. It is not just finished because of the Muslim problem and immigration, but also because as of now we are looking at permanent Tory rule. There is no effective opposition to the Tories, so what do you want then – permanent Conservative rule for the next 30 years?” He defended himself against potential charges from fellow loyalists both in Northern Ireland and Scotland of becoming an ally of the SNP. “The thing is, if you want to kill off the SNP, then have independence. It would be just like Ukip after Brexit, as there would be no need any more for an SNP once there was independence.”


It’s not looking good Douglas. Maybe follow Ruth?

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2 thoughts on “I know! I know! Wait, no, I don’t

  1. The Scottish Toadies keep stealing SNP policies to stick in their manifesto’s.

    Perhaps they want to BE the SNP.
    After all, who want want to be allies of Wee Wullie and Dicky Leotard. George Galloway, Farage, Lard Ffoulksakie, Big Bella et al.

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  2. And the BBC bring us the “new” version of Boris’s words from last week.
    “Devolution was….a mistake” has now morphed into..
    brexit good—independence bad.
    It’s like a game.
    Which version of Boris do you believe?

    The liar or the huckster.
    Or…..if you buy one, you get the other for free!

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