Andrew Neil is a liar

BBC's Andrew Neil 'left looking like Yoda' because of baffling earpiece -  Mirror Online
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By Brenda Steele:

There is a rather excellent piece from Bella Caledonia headlined as:

The battle for Scotland and the language of apocalypse from Andrew Neil and the right

In it, Gerry Hassan relates recent claims from certain right wing journalists and a politician.

Step forward Andrew Neil who in a debate with SNP MP Alyn Smith said that ‘the level of poverty and deprivation in the East End of Glasgow is unrepeated anywhere in Western Europe’ and that ‘male longevity in parts of the East of Glasgow are on a par with sub-Saharan Africa’.

Fraser Nelson used his own version of the above this week stating: ‘There are now parts of Glasgow where the life expectancy is worse than Mongolia, worse than Rwanda.’ To add to the groupthink on this Labour MP Ian Murray decided to make this claim even more sweeping saying without any hint of irony that ‘poverty in Glasgow is worse than parts of sub-Saharan Africa’ – taking Neil’s original words and making them into a statement utterly preposterous and insulting both to Glasgow and people living in poverty in Africa.

Gerry traces these claims back to:

work by the Glasgow Centre for Population Health (GCPH), and figures for male life expectancy in the Glasgow East End ward of Carlton affected by the number of hostels and transient population, and a tiny postcode subset – and figures for 1998-2002.

At least the original statement from Mr Neil does have some vague connection – however tenuous and distorted – with related “facts”, although he does not seem to consider  that the report refers to a time well before SNP took power in Holyrood and may be very much different today.

I would suggest that Mr Nelson and Mr Murray should  be very careful about embellishing or repeating the utterances of Andrew Neil, who does, after all, have form in his dealings with SNP.

Andrew Neil breached broadcasting rules with false Scottish illiteracy claim

The presenter was discussing education in Scotland with former SNP leader Alex Salmond.

The BBC’s Sunday Politics breached broadcasting rules with misleading claims made by presenter Andrew Neil, a watchdog has found.

The host claimed during an interview with former Scottish National Party leader Alex Salmond that “after a decade of SNP rule, one in five Scots pupils leave primary school functionally illiterate”.

Media watchdog Ofcom has found that his statistical claim was not accurate or based on any official source.

Following a complaint about the false statistic, an investigation found that the claim misled viewers during the build-up to elections in 2017.

The TV-News article goes on to report that:  

The BBC’s subsequent handling of the complaint has also been criticised by Ofcom.  The watchdog found that not only was the claim unfounded, but that the BBC has erroneously pointed to sources to try and give it some factual basis, and offered “conflicting explanations on the source from which Mr Neil’s statement was derived”.

It is a pity that the TV-News article could not have been more forthright – for example   “Andrew Neil caught lying in election interview” might have made the point more clearly.

The BBC might also improve their reputation if they applied this proverb to the people they employ “a man is known by the company he keeps”.

Guess which prominent BBC presenter owns an apartment at Trump World Towers?

A month before the U.S. elections, the prominent BBC presenter Andrew Neil tweeted a picture, overlooking the New York skyline.

But he didn’t say where he was tweeting from.

But Political Scrapbook can reveal that Andrew Neil was tweeting from his multi-million dollar apartment – in Trump World Towers

Is it any wonder that the Scottish public has so little trust in the British/Scottish media and Scottish Unionist politicians at Westminster?

7 thoughts on “Andrew Neil is a liar

  1. I think Brenda, your article says all we need to know about this waste of space A. Neil. Confirmation of this jumped up, arrogant, nasty sc**bag, allowed to lie through his falsies, and sewn on hair, he is a fake, and a bully. These people do not retire do they, that’s the danger, they keep on spouting their lies, raking in the millions. He reminds me of old prints, portraying the worst of the excuses for humans, the greedy, the rich, the most gross types of humans. A. Neil could be one of those characters! Gross.

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  2. Neil Thatcher’s henchman. Neil was false BBC reporting in the 1980’s to line his pockets. Totally false reporting on Scottish revenues and resources taken south. Kept secret under the Official Secrets Act for 30 years. £Billions falsely taken. The ‘sermon on the mould’. Thatcher knowingly lied to the Church Assembly. An accomplished liar. Ruining the Scottish economy, The McCrone Report kept secret for 30 years.

    Neil is an accomplished BBC liar. A despicable situation. Lie, after lie, after lie. Still given airtime to lie. No longer contracted to the BBC. Still lying. With all the research still can’t count or read a balance sheet. Beyond belief.

    Iraq, Lockerbie and Dunblane kept secret for 100 years under the Official Secrets Act. The unionist cover up.

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