Just how big a Christmas bash is Nicola planning?

Nicola Sturgeon Christmas
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As I sink into Level 4, I can’t help but be a bit surprised that South Ayrshire has been included. I agree there has to be a line but when you look south, we’re definitely going hard at the virus up here.

Look at the 7 Day Average below:

The infection level in England is twice that in Scotland.

And, it’s falling here while still climbing there:

And hospital admissions are falling quite fast:

So why are some going to Level 4. I think I know the answer.

By Christmas, the infection level in Scotland will be so low that the female Santa Claus, St Nicola, will be able to take a chance on a few days of normal again, suspend the rules and watch with a grin to see whether Boris and Matt have the nerve to do the same.

All graphs:


Nicola Sturgeon Christmas

9 thoughts on “Just how big a Christmas bash is Nicola planning?

  1. Even the dogs on the street know that without a vaccine,as soon as restrictions are lifted and people start to socialise again,the number of infections rise.
    That is just how it is for now and all the government can do is try to ensure that our care services manage to cope.

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  2. I take no pleasure in the higher infection rate in England. They are, after all our neighbours and deserve better than the shambolic adminstration, which, granted, they have chosen to govern them.
    I just hope that our Scottish N.H.S is able to cope this winter, and that the measures announced today, will be enough to ensure that it is not overwhelmed.

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    1. As you say, ‘they have chosen to govern them’. Also they chose Brexit. Scotland chose neither the Tory gov nor Brexit but get’s what England votes for and tough s**t, it seems.
      I don’t think anyone takes pleasure in seeing huge rates of infection in England at all, or anywhere else, which is more than can be said for the BritNat London based BBC and STV and daily rags when it comes to Scottish infection and/or death rates, they positively revel in it for political gain. In 2014 a friend of mine’s partner from Ireland living in north of England (who were both totally anti Scot indy as well as ridiculing me for my stance) said ‘but why would you want to seperate, you are part of the same landmass!’ God give me strength. So now, should France seek a union with Germany and hand their revenues over to them and all their resources, to be handed a few crumbs back, with contempt to boot! No that would be ridculous! What about all of those countries that are neighbours and part of the same ‘landmass’ in the EU. Yes we care about our ‘neighbours’ south of the border, but not so sure it’s particularly reciprocal to tell you the truth.
      It’s up to the people in England to wake up or put up with their own choices but for Scotland to be landed with what they choose, no not acceptable at all.
      If people in Scotland continue to abide by THEIR own governments’ advice and rules for now, it may be a better outlook in a few weeks time. I get lots of emails from companies/shops we shop online with and each have ‘updated’ their Covid info and it’s English centric…it could well confuse some people but it’s the BritNat media who are the real danger to peoples’ lives right now.

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  3. Cases increase although less than England’s is still bad. We’re supposed to be suppressing the virus. The WHO says 50 cases per 100000 should be the limit before full lockdown.
    South Ayrshire at 159 well qualifies. Deaths in Scotland still tracking those in England in spite of lower case numbers. Nicola must throw everything at this including the kitchen sink. If we could cancel Christmas I’d back it but of course that’s impossible. A spike in cases and deaths after Christmas is inevitable – we can only seek to minimise the damage.

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  4. As already said no one wants to see this horrible virus inflict anymore deaths and illness on anyone regardless of where they reside but I wholeheartedly agree the media are doing their damnest to ensure Scotland and the Scot Gov fairs no better than rUK. Within mins of the briefing today BBC national were interviewing two Scots (missed who they were or who they represent ) but both were complaining about the restrictions as if this solely affected Scotland. No scientific view or even a politician to give any perspective just businessmen that will surely impact on the peoples’ willingness to continue to abide by the rules. Shameful.

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  5. Lockdown for a few weeks to save lives. People do not want folk to die. A vaccine by Christmas for the vulnerable.More vaccine available in the New Year. Winter flu and virus always increases. More elderly die in the winter than summer. Seasonal as an average proportion. The norm.

    Chancellor benefiting from Hedge fund investment in viral companies. Influenced by Treasury decisions. Tory companies making a killing. £45 for two vaccine doses. Worldwide. Four US states have introduce vaccine inoculations. Private healthcare benefits, disproportionately.

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    1. Sorry to disagree with your second sentence Gordon, but I see ” business ” people on complaining bitterly about their loss of income, with never a mention of the loss of life that is likely to occur if they are allowed to stay open.
      I was self-employed for over thirty five years, had good times, and bad, although I admit never having to cope with a pandemic. These measures, such as Level 4, have to be taken for the greater good. Will they be sufficient? Who knows, but I live in hope.

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  6. The Tory venture capitalists are at it. Mismanaging public funds illegally, without proper scrutiny. The reason they are in government. The spin offs. In healthcare.

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