Against the tide

We know from repeated polls that the people of Scotland are right behind the Scottish Government strategy to manage the pandemic.

We know from experts that the ‘health or economy’ thesis is flawed and that if you don’t suppress the virus with force and determination, the economy will only face more severe lockdowns in the future and repeatedly.

We know from research that restaurants and bars can be ‘superspreaders’ of infection:

First, the highly respect Nature Medicine published research in September, tracing an outbreak to four bars in Hong Kong.

Second, also in September, a US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study reported:

Adults with positive SARS-CoV-2 test results were approximately twice as likely to have reported dining at a restaurant than were those with negative SARS-CoV-2 test results.

Third, from Emergency Infectious Diseases, in July, a study from Guangzhou, China, implicated the air conditioning in a restaurant.

And gyms:

During 24 days in Cheonan, South Korea, 112 persons were infected with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 associated with fitness dance classes at 12 sports facilities. Intense physical exercise in densely populated sports facilities could increase risk for infection. Vigorous exercise in confined spaces should be minimized during outbreaks.

So, why is the Herald swimming against the tide of evidence?

3 thoughts on “Against the tide

  1. There was an item on the news tonight – BBC 6 o’clock if I remember correctly. It was about the level of excess deaths over the course of the pandemic.

    England, Wales and NI were 30% or more higher. Scotland was 12%.

    There is an article about it on the BBC website. It gives the figures for Wales, NI and Scotland but reaks the figures for England by Region. Hiding the true picture again.

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    1. Apologies. One of the sentences in that post was a bit clunky.
      The figures were for the percentage difference between total deaths and expected levels.
      Wales – just over 30%
      NI – 30%
      Scotland – 12%

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  2. The Herald, that’s their job John. As with the vast majority of the M.S.M, their one mission in life is to prevent Scottish Independence. The Fifth Column in our midst. And now being more obvious than ever about their aim, along with their fellow travellers.


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