‘out of control’


Note: The trend for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland is down, if slowly.

Yesterday Prof Sridhar tweeted:

Here’s the article about the USA:

You’ll see the graph above with a bit more detail, takes Scotland well away from the extreme situation in which Sridhar sees Sweden and clarifies the awful achievement of the Johnson regime in England.

The notion popular in some quarters that ‘Sturgeon’ is just a better communicator and that her government has not really done better in coping with the pandemic is blown out of the water by this.

9 thoughts on “‘out of control’

    1. NI appears to have got the ‘R’ number below 1. Also, despite the great increase in the number of infections in NI, especially compared to the ‘first wave’, the rate of fatalities, remains fairly low and is the lowest per million in the UK, taken across the entire epidemic period.

      For those of us with family and friends living in England the data for England is worrying, especially since the data gathering and test/trace is very inadequate. And there is a completely dysfunctional UK Government, which continues to serve the interests of a small financial and landowning ‘elite’.

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  1. As i keep on saying
    That with anything that behaves like this virus
    And in particular the method by which it spreads is all very predictable
    Prof.Sridhar so obviously does fully comprehend.
    Now there is no way that both Boris and Donald have not been told forcefully by their relevant experts exactly where things were going
    And the old adage of a stitch in time saves nine well and truly is coming home to roost
    With both them
    So much so tis not long before there trousers
    Are split enough to bare their Derrière and expose it all for one helluva of whipping
    And that is when they shall find out exactly what the very real meaning of expertise really is as they scream against the stinging lashes


      1. bringitinon
        100 % concur
        But such drivers are only capable of hitting a wall
        And tis the wall that shall by far be the driver
        Of what happens next as far as we Scots concerned


  2. Interesting. I’ve noticed that there’s been a tendency for people to say “But our case numbers are low, why are we doing this?” Usually ‘concerned members of the public’ talking to newspapers. Do these people ring in, or is somebody stopping people in the street popping voxes?

    Incidentally, Prof, interesting slip there “… ‘Surgeon’ is just a better communicator…”

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    1. Some the ‘concerned members of the public’ are members of groups or political parties who self-appoint themselves as spokespeople for the rest of us. These ‘rent-a-quotes’ become known to the media and the media often phone them for quotes, especially, since they can come up with ‘soundbites’. Some will be genuine ‘vox pops’,but ones selected by the editors because they fit the line the programme wants to take. In addition, ordinary people are not as familiar as politicians with the way questions are ‘framed’ to elicit the kind of answers the ‘journalist’ wants, so they answer the question as ‘framed’ and not the wider issue:. “Are you still beating your wife? Yes or No?”

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    2. Most people get the idea that ‘we are doing this’ to keep the numbers low. The so called media would rather that people do not access their rational thought and therefore won’t understand the actual process of dealing with this effectively, as the ScotGov are doin. That’s with all the restraints of having to somehow get the correct info out, with 100% media attempting to do the opposite, ie misinform.

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