So, why four times LESS likely than white Scots?

To reveal the above, the researchers at the universities of Leicester and Nottingham looked at data from eight UK and 42 US studies.

Shame they did not look for one more, close to home, just over the border, in Scotland.

It’s very interesting.

In Scotland:

4.1% (225 000) of the Scottish population is recorded as one of the non-White ethnic minority groups yet they only make up 1% of the Covid-19 deaths.


Footnote: Even if we extract the Asian group, 2.6% of the population, they have only 0.9% of the deaths.

Footnote 2: Were any of the 8.9% unrecorded BAME? Doesn’t even the low-level subconscious racism, all-too-common, suggest that to a ‘white’ recorder, ‘white’ skin will be less notable?

One thought on “So, why four times LESS likely than white Scots?

  1. There is a ‘eugenicist’ lobby, which seeks to use these findings that there is significant genetic factor involved, with the opportunity to hint at ‘inferiority’. I think the Scottish data – albeit a fairly small sample – points up the nonsense of that eugenic line.

    I think that the evidence of the distribution of infections amongst the population indicates strongly that poverty, and the manifold aspects of it, is the main reason for the higher incidence amongst BAME and other groups.

    There is a much smaller BAME population in Scotland and its members are distributed amongst the population. In general, several groups within BAME groups in Scotland, are quite affluent and well-educated. There are, of course groups amongst the BAME groups in Scotland, who do suffer poverty.

    England has a far greater proportion of its population in BAME groups, and while some, undoubtedly are affluent and well-educated, many more experience poverty and live in areas which have fairly high concentrations of BAME communities and many of these exhibit the signs of poverty, particularly overcrowding and poor diet. And, such communities are often lacking in the kinds of public social amenities like parks and sports facilities which make exercise easier.

    BAME groups, particularly in England are right to highlight that their members are disproportionately adversely affected and we must support them in that, because the fight against poverty and discriminatory deprivation is the fight of all of us.


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