No long Covid clinics in England SHOCK

From Brenda Steele:

Tweeted by the excellent MSM_Monitor and prompting me to look at it by the also excellent YESIndyref 2 linklist site

BBC Scotland is running another ‘England good/Scotland bad’ Covid attack. Styled as a ‘BBC investigation’ it reports there are no clinics for ‘long Covid’ in Scotland. There aren’t any in England either, they’re being set up. We’re preparing too but it doesn’t fit the narrative.

There was a Question at the FM Briefing about that. It was Derek Healy from the Courier – Question number 9  (of 14) 

This is from him in the Courier.

Long Covid: ‘We will probably need specialist clinics’.

Professor Jason Leitch said:

He “would not be at all surprised” if some people require ongoing hospital treatment to recover from so-called long Covid.

Leitch also said a lot more, an awful lot more such as until we know more about the effects of Covid19 and what specialities we need, we shouldn’t spend the money on clinics that might not provide what is needed.   

Question 2, from Colm White STV, was on the Test & Protect coding error and was taken from a Wednesday parliamentary question:

Jeane Freeman has denied a “coding error” that masked the fact Scotland’s contract tracing system was five times less effective than previously claimed led to an increased spread of coronavirus.

The health secretary was accused of “defending the indefensible” on Wednesday as she faced a grilling from MSPs over the blunder, which led to an overestimation of the number of people traced within 24 hours of a contact testing positive for Covid-19.

The real figures, first reported by The Scottish Sun, showed the system performing up to five times worse than previously thought, with contact tracing taking longer than 72 hours to complete in some cases.

So how come our follow up rate is 97% after correction?  What is the rate in England?

I’ll be asking Travelling Tabby about how that error affected our Trace and Test Performance. 

3 thoughts on “No long Covid clinics in England SHOCK

  1. ‘Journalists’ and statistics. They just cannot calculate them. £Billions spent on the BBC and other outlets. Not worth a damn. Glaring errors every time. Shocking. No wonder no one believes a word of it.

    The reality and experience. Everyone who needs it is getting testing. Contacts. Isolating, Keeping the death rate down in Scotland. Scottish Gov giving guidelines and rules for people to follow and keep safe.

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  2. Long Covid – SG not only need to clarify the conditions requiring treatment, from which specialists, number of patients, where any centres are located and how to fund it, it’s not as if any in SG are Tory donors expecting large brown envelopes. Perhaps Johnson might donate one of his previous 40 new but unbuilt hospitals ?
    Test & Protect – SG found the error and owned up to it, #10 bury their mistakes without a cheep from the media. I prefer the SG approach even if it is embarrassing, but I’m not a Sun reader, nor one of their journalists demanding admission of “failure” on X every week.
    SG’s Contact Tracing is doing exceedingly well, this is a marathon not a sprint, and as per the earlier Pollock piece, at least SG are hunting out infections…


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