Scotland’s ignorant Nomedia Nicola pile-on sickens

BBC Scotsman

Public Health Scotland’s spreadsheet algorithm has had an error leading to over-statement of contact tracing results. They are worse than they seemed before BUT…they’re still far better than the jackals seem to think.

The opposition parties and their media pals cannot contain their glee. Like supporters of a ‘minnow team’ who beat the Rangers one-nil, once in a 100 years, they cannot contain themselves enough to hear the full story.

First, the 24 hour target does not exist. In May, SAGE suggested that for a test and trace system to be effective, 80% contacted within 48 hours was desirable.

Click to access S0402_Thirty-second_SAGE_meeting_on_Covid-19_.pdf

Second, in only one of the weeks in question (WE 27 September) did the percentage contacted within 48 hours fall below 80%, to 74%.

Third, current performance is 96% in 48 hours!

In week-ending 8th November, Public Health Scotland reported:

Fourth, in Conservative England:

In the week-ending 14th October, only 59.6% were contacted, at all, ever, by England’s outsourced and ‘world-beating’ test and trace system. In the week before the figure was 62.6%.

Sit down boys and girls.

7 thoughts on “Scotland’s ignorant Nomedia Nicola pile-on sickens

  1. Alas the lying liars are lying again. We can see their lips moving.

    From the Scotoryman to the North Brit Herod to BBC Hoot’n’annie we can read/see/hear whatever old cobblers Ruthie has been spouting today—- repeated, enhanced for the hard of thinking, inflated until pixels are the size of Uranus (not mine!) for the blind, the halt and the lame-brained.
    Words have meanings, we are told–how about this?—FECK OFF!

    What are these clowns in the MEJAH going to do when we are independent?

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    1. Gavin that is the best summing up so far! It’s like some dystopian nightmare, with 100% of the English based dodgy Britnat media (and their dodgy pals abroad) are actually demonising the ScotGov, Nicola Sturgeon and in fact the people of Scotland. They did a job on A. Salmond, with a default to bring down the whole of the SNP as their plan B, into the bargain, it failed, now they are really going all out to oust the FM. What next, a coup?
      Whatever people think about NS she must have nerves of steel to be having to deal with the BritNat gutter press and their masters at Westminster, anyone else think they could do it? No thanks.

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  2. Professor Allysson Pollock has useful things to say about a good testing, tracing and isolating system.

    “One of the key failures in responding to the epidemic was the [UK] government’s decision to take testing out of public health services and local authorities. Normally, testing is done via a health professional whose role is in clinical assessment, advice regarding testing, interpretation and then explanation of the results, together with undertaking statutory notification. A test is simply a diagnostic tool. Because the current PCR COVID test is not a test of infectiousness, it cannot distinguish between those who have the virus and capable of infecting others, and those who have remnants of the virus but are not infectious. Clinical interpretation is therefore important for advice and diagnosis. In setting up a parallel testing system in the private sector, local public health departments and primary care were separated from the testing system. As a result, the statutory notification system for reporting suspected cases was not followed. This resulted in poor community data which is likely to have delayed outbreak control.

    An optimal system would ensure access to evidence-based advice and testing, reliable, rapid laboratory analysis, swift reporting of results, professionally guided interpretation of results in the context of clinical symptoms and advice on the limitations of testing. This needs to be followed by contact tracing, isolation advice, and the material, medical and mental health support to do so.”


  3. Professor Pollock has also written about the myth of the superior efficiency of the private sector.

    “And yet, the current crisis has exposed just how nonsensical this myth really is. Take the disastrous outsourcing of the NHS supply chain and shambolic procurement of ventilators, PPE and Randox home test kits and other tests. More recently, it’s England’s test, track and trace system…

    …The 27,000 workers employed by Serco and Sitel have reached and advised an average of about two cases and two contacts per call handler over a twelve week period. That’s the equivalent of around £900 per person traced. Call handlers report having nothing to do and some have had no calls to make at all – with some even claiming that they have been paid to sit around and watch Netflix.

    To make matters worse, test and trace data show in the twelve week period leading up to August 5th, the privatised national call centres and online service reached and asked to self-isolate only just over half of close contacts of those diagnosed with Covid-19, leaving local health protection teams and local councils to mop up the rest from their scarce resources.”

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  4. Four doctors on a UK wide TV programme. Held Westminster responsible for the Covid response shambles. Including the high numbers of avoidable deaths. From not locking down earlier. To putting contracts to private firms to track and trace. Wasting public monies on poor systems that have not worked.

    The total lack of PPE equipment. A total lack of organisation and planning. The NHS should have been involved instead of private companies. Local authorities could have been more involved in track and tracing. They have the relevant records and data all set up already, .to contact people. The electoral roll etc. They can get in touch with people quicker.

    The Doctor’s Health Organisations had complained to the UK Gov many times to no avail. They were ignored. The chaos is the result. More people have died. The UK Gov was warned that the computer programme they were trying to use would not work.

    A Panorama programme showed the appalling private track and trace system in the South. It just did not work. The computer programmes failed and could not be accessed. The track and trace data was non existent.

    An absolute chaotic waste of public money. People were getting paid high remuneration but had to seat and do nothing. Using private companies of Tory Gov associates. Brexiteers. Another one had had to resign from Downing Street because of protests.

    Johnston wanted to promote another useless associate. Never have so many been promoted above their capabilities. The UK Tory Gov. A bunch of chancers and wasters. Even Tories are complaining. They chose Johnston for PM. Blame themselves for premature deaths. They are responsible,

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