world’s first continuous green hydrogen production funded by Scottish Government goes missing

A World First? No, we’re full of reports in the public interest.

The Scotsman did catch this dramatic news but BBC Scotland and our other Nomedia missed it.

From Engerati on the 9th November:

The European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC), Orkney, Scotland will deploy an Invinity Energy Systems (AIM:IES) 1.8MWh flow battery at EMEC’s tidal energy test site on the island of Eday. This unique combination of tidal power and flow batteries will be used to power EMEC’s hydrogen production plant, demonstrating continuous hydrogen production from variable renewable generation.

The commercialisation of green hydrogen is an essential step toward a 100% renewable future. Green hydrogen is created and consumed without carbon emissions and can replace fossil fuels in the energy mix, supporting the decarbonisation of heavy industry and transport sectors. The Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult estimate that developing a green hydrogen industry could create 120,000 jobs and deliver £320bn to the UK economy by 2050. Funded by the Scottish Government, via Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE), Invinity’s modular flow battery system will be assembled at the company’s manufacturing facility in Bathgate, West Lothian and consist of eight Invinity VS3 battery modules linked together into a single system. The project is expected to go live next year.

Flow batteries, tidal and hydrogen trialled in Orkney world first

7 thoughts on “world’s first continuous green hydrogen production funded by Scottish Government goes missing

  1. Only bad news is good news as far as the EBC in Scotland is concerned. Massively important and innovative projects funded by the Scottish government don’t fit with the too poor, too stupid myth perpetrated by the BritNats and their disgraceful compliant lackeys at the BBC for England, in Scotland. Must check out live energy news, I would think they’d cover this amazing project.

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    1. Especially since energy – whether fossil or renewables – is, and has been for 50+ years, a major factor in Scotland’s economy, then BBC Scotland will undoubtedly be using the same sources as Professor Robertson and so, the failure to report this is a wilful emission.

      So, 55 years after my Higher Grade Physics class heard a lecture in which technology available in1965 Scotland could have been producing hydrogen as this project is doing, now.

      The reason the shift to the hydrogen economy was not made was due to an unholy alliance amongst the oil and gas companies, the NationalCoal Board, the various trade unions and, especially Labour and Tory politicians who had buggins-turn governments during that period and stifled any investment.

      The fact that this project – which is also badged with the dread word (for Little Englanders) “European” – has been funded by the devolved SG, is further reason for the majority of the British Nationalist media to ignore it.


  2. Sharing this John. Many thanks for the info. Using renewable energy to produce hydrogen – from which the only emission when burned is water vapour – is going to become huge.


    1. Thanks for the link, Pentlander, I’d heard about it, but the detail makes interesting reading.

      One thing, Looking at the sponsors and their logos, I noticed that, although the EU flag is there the Union Jack (as demanded by Our Revered Minster for the Union) is not. Has it been missed off by mistake?**

      **Heavy irony, before someone throws things at me!


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