Vaccine Vacuity

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By Brenda Steele:

Although the announcement of the new vaccine is great news, the excessive enthusiasm of the UK media and the UK Government’s headlong rush to distribute and inoculate with such a new product scares me. 

The WHO urges caution. 

WHO envoy welcomes vaccine breakthrough, but urges caution.

Dr Nabarro said yesterday’s announcement “is advance warning of something brilliant”, but we must be prepared to wait several more weeks, or even months, before a vaccine is ready for use. 

Based on supply projections, Pfizer and BioNTech said they expect to supply up to 50 million vaccine doses globally in 2020, and up to 1.3 billion doses in 2021.And we still have many weeks to get through before the vaccine can come to our rescue.  

And we still have many weeks to get through before the vaccine can come to our rescue.

The UK needs a sustainable strategy for COVID-19Lockdowns are last resort measures that reflect a failure of the pandemic control strategy. They have massive impacts on the population and the economy. To avoid repeated lockdowns and their impacts, we need a sustainable COVID-19 public health strategy. Here, we make seven evidence-based recommendations (a schematic representation is available in the appendix).First, we need urgent reform of the ineffective private sector run find, test, trace, isolate, and support system. As recommended by Independent SAGE, the current system in England must be integrated with and led by National Health Service (NHS) England, with leadership from local Directors of Public Health, so that local knowledge can facilitate timely contact tracing.To ensure prompt testing, we recommend bringing together all current test providers in a national COVID-19 testing consortium, under the oversight and management of NHS England.To make this system effective, people should be supported to isolate when required (so-called supported isolation) with accommodation, domestic assistance, financial support, and greater resourcing for mutual-aid groups.

4 thoughts on “Vaccine Vacuity

  1. I urge extreme caution with this and any vaccine for covid
    For following reasons
    1.How long is it effective for
    2.This one requires to be stored at extreme low temperatures such imposes serious logistical issues from manufacture to inoculation
    3. This virus is here to stay and mutates on a regular basis
    Look at mink in Denmark but should be hard for mutated form to jump back to human
    Nonetheless Danes no longer allowed into any country and all mink culled
    Which goes to demonstrate how bloody serious this virus is
    4.A universal truth is in instances such as this human society has no choice but to adapt,evolve our own eco system and thereby survive
    If not a very long slow collapse of modern society and civilisation is our fate
    Do not believe me
    I recently had a long profound discussion with
    A very Snr.Manager with European Airbus Industries
    His words not mine
    The whole commercial and passenger aviation industry if not already bust will soon be
    Not 1 order for a new aircraft has been placed in 9 months worldwide
    From top to bottom the aviation industry is in total collapse with no way out in sight
    Passenger aircraft flights globally are down 92 % from pre covid

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    1. Also, what side effects from this vaccine? Do we know have they tested it? I don’t trust the EngGov to do anything which does not benefit them and even if that means forcing people to have the vaccine without it being properly tested etc…at what age will people be vaccinated?
      There are far ‘too many unanswered questions’ about all of this and looking at the shambolic mismanagement of their privatised test and trace, which is making some big bucks for their pals via dodgy contracts, caution is putting it lightly when it comes to mass vaccination at the behest of the Tory troughers.


  2. The incompetent Tory administraion in London has been clutching at straws since the outbreak of this virus.
    Lack of public infrastructure to deal with a pandemic is a direct result of their drive to privatise everything that can make a fast buck for them and their cronies.
    The danger is that the enthusiasm for public announcements about a vaccine being just a few weeks away will encourage those (who need little encouragment) to assume that it is business as usual and refuse to exercise any sort of caution.
    Quick fixes (which often don’t work) and making a fast buck are the hallmarks of this administration.
    However,good news and let’s hope a vaccine does get deployed soon.


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