Stop patronising Scotland, Mr Ross!

By stewartb:

Douglas Ross MP: ‘The furlough scheme has not just been a lifeline to people who would have otherwise lost their jobs, it is also a real and tangible reminder of the economic security of the Union.’

We’ll leave aside how the Scottish Government had to press the Westminster government just to secure basic fairness of treatment over furlough extension.  It’s now becoming commonplace for us to be told that it is being part of the UK that has ensured financial support for businesses and employees in Scotland during the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, the implication being dripped into the ears of Scotland’s public is, if no longer in the UK, we would not have been able to have such support. However, the reality is that smaller nation states have, just like the UK, been able demonstrably to finance variants of job retention schemes for their own citizens.

On 3 August, 2020 the OECD published a review of job retention schemes introduced during the first Covid-19  lockdown and beyond.

This OECD report states: “In response to the COVID-19 crisis, most OECD countries took active measures to scale up existing short‑time work (STW) schemes, introduce new ones or create temporary wage subsidies to preserve jobs and support incomes.”

For example the smaller nation states, some with they own currency and some in the Eurozone, that have had job retention schemes include: Denmark (population 5.7m; own currency), Estonia (1.3m; Euro), Finland (5.4m; Euro), Iceland (0.3m; own currency), Ireland (4.9m; Euro), Latvia (1.9m; Euro), Lithuania (2.7m; Euro), Luxembourg (0.6m; Euro), New Zealand (4.8m; own currency), Norway (5.4m; own currency), Slovakia (5.4m; Euro) and Slovenia (2.1m; Euro).

4 thoughts on “Stop patronising Scotland, Mr Ross!

  1. DRossie probably believes that the natural habitat of “coo’s” is in a byre, sheep in a fold and hens in a coop. Scotland handcuffed to England.
    He is an anonymous, shallow, character, who would have passed in and out of parliament without note, if he hadn’t been dumped on Scotland by the machinations of Ruthie/Boris.
    Oddly, Tom Gordon spoofs in the Herod asserts Boris is a “monkey on Ross’s back”, even though it was Boris who elevated him to the dizzy heights of being a one-man band, without recognition or interest from his fellow Scots, not least his fellow Scottish Tory MP,s.

    When he falls, as fall he must, at least he hasn’t far to go, before he hits the ground!

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  2. The other side of the coin is of course our share of the debt racked up by successive incompetent Tory administrations which we presently have to service.
    The London treasury made it absolutely clear in 2014 that they are entirely responsible for this debt and our share (very little according to Prof. Murphy) would be a matter for negotiation post independence.
    These Trump like utterances from the Unionists just doesn’t cut it any more.

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  3. As for UK debt
    Let them send us the invoice for our share
    Upon receipt of such return to them
    Requesting that a credit note being issued against such invoice
    The credit note entirely based upon the revenues received from 46 billion barrels of oil
    And upon receipt of such credit note we shall
    Pay any outstanding balance
    This is NORMAL business practice

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