Scots most optimistic about renewables

Within the Deloitte/Reform report, today, The State of the State, the above caught my eye. It suggests that Scots are notably more optimistic that investing in renewable energy will lead to the creation of new jobs and boost the economy.

Click to access deloitte-uk-state-of-the-state-2020.pdf

5 thoughts on “Scots most optimistic about renewables

  1. This Deloitte report acknowledges wider ‘distinctiveness’ between Scotland and the rUK, stating:

    “Scotland’s government and politics continue to distinguish themselves from the rest of the UK ..”


    “ Scotland’s citizen attitudes continue to differ from the rest of the UK as well. “

    One finding I did find surprising though is this:

    “Across local services, leaders talked about the need for bold reforms – reducing the number of Scotland’s local authorities for example ,, “.

    There has been vocal support in sections of civil society recently for exactly the opposite – to reduce the size of local authorities in order to improve connectedness with and empowerment of local communities. Do the proponents of reducing the number of councils really wish to reinvent Strathclyde Regional Council? Hopefully not!

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  2. Scotland is the best place in the world for renewables. Wind, wave, solar. Leads the way in technology. Wind turbines turning printing money. In surplus in fuel and energy. 25%. Wind and water will produce even more in the future.

    CCS Development could produce even more energy. Scotland is covered in coal. The Tories reneged on CCS project at Longannet and Peterhead. The EU are investing in it. Something for the future.

    Isle of Lewis had the fastest wind speed ever recorded. Wind power is transforming Scotland. Turbines in remote places. Hydro power since the 1960’s, still going strong. Pitlochry.

    The Oil & Gas industry still supports jobs but fluctuates. US fracked Gas is imported into Grangemouth. There is no need for nuclear. The most dangerous and expensive. Scotland has to pay for Hinkley Point and other schemes. A total most waste of money. Scotland has to pay more for fuel and energy, than it should.

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