‘Leading’ doc copying theatrical language and facts from NHS England helps no one here

All over BBC Scotland today ‘a leading physician‘ warns us of a ‘perfect storm‘ and appears to be using evidence from England to do so:

Scotland’s NHS is “facing a perfect storm” as staff shortages and a lack of hospital beds hamper efforts to tackle rising numbers of coronavirus cases, according to a leading physician. Prof Jackie Taylor said a “coherent strategy” for testing staff and all hospital patients was needed. She also called for more flexibility for under-pressure services to be able to reduce non-urgent procedures. The Scottish government said plans were in place to deal with peak demand.


The inspiration and the evidence for this storm seems to come not from any Scottish statistics but from the IEA on NHS England:

‘Perfect storm’: NHS facing imminent staffing crisis, study warns Shortage of doctors ‘could leave the nation’s health vulnerable to future crises’, says IEA report.


There is no Scottish evidence to back up Prof Taylor. On lack of beds, see this from BBC Scotland:

Scotland's intensive care capacity. . Scotland's intensive care patients during the pandemic .

ICU surge capacity is at 600 is way above current demand, below 100.

As for general capacity, the above BBC report puts the most recent occupancy figure at 88.1%, nowhere near problematic.

As for the Prof’s rising cases, ICU demand shows signs of plateauing:


The seven day average for admissions was up 18% in last 7 days, up 31.4% in the previous 7 days and up 53% in the 7 before that.

And, overall, the trend is clearly down:


Above, new cases fall to below 1 000 for first time in more than two weeks. Seven day average of 1 162 is down from peak of 1 452 on 26th October, by 20% – steady but sure.

Finally, on ‘staff shortages’, the Prof clearly reads the wrong media.

See these from March 2020:

NHS Scotland has 50% more nurses per head of population than NHS England.

Scotland has 20% more consultants than NHS England

Get on with your day job doc.

7 thoughts on “‘Leading’ doc copying theatrical language and facts from NHS England helps no one here”

    (Even though she was not informed)


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    1. I suspect that she IS doing her day job as an officer of a trade union, but she is cynically using her position as a medical practitioner and the respect that such people have amongst the general population to add ‘authority’ to her claim for better pay and conditions for an already very well paid group of people, who have better conditions than the majority of those working in the health services.

      Groups in the medical profession with important and august sounding titles have a long history of self interest – not quite naked, because they clothe it is spurious ‘authority’.George Bernard Shaw wrote ‘the Doctor’s Dilemma’ more than a century ago to make this clear. When Aneurin Bevan was establishing the NHS nearly 75 years ago, he was faced with this naked self-interest and he ‘stuffed their mouths with money’.

      Many of the high heid yins in BBC Scotland come from the same social milieu as a very high proportion of those in the upper echelons of medicine, and, probably, have spouse, family members in the profession. They will go to the same ‘dinner parties’. So, BBC Scotland is happy to oblige, especially as it furthers their campaign against the Scottish Government and the hoi polloi, who are represented by trade unions which identify themselves as trade unions.

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  2. They built a big new hospital. It has not been used. The Tories cut NHS funding £20Billion for 2015 to 2020. Average -£4Billion a year. NHS needs £10Billion. Tories have given £4Billion.

    The Scottish Gov have increased SNHS funding £2.5Billion average of £1/2Billion a year. £12.5Billion a year.


  3. I head the Prof on tge radio yesterday, obviously not a fan of the Scot Gov.
    There will be many routes for the BBC and professional’s who support Scotland being ruled over by Westminster Tories to get in touch with each other.

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  4. As you’ve demonstrated John there is no “tsunami” or “perfect storm” on the horizon in Scotland, but following on from BBC Scotland’s (Mhairi Stewart ?) intentional shocker at the Covid Update yesterday, presumably PQ and their handlers are upping the ante on denting public confidence in Scotland’s handling of the pandemic.
    Given some of the recent dreadful reports coming from parts of England’s NHS and lockdown imminent, presumably the order has been received “distract to the max”, which BBC Scotland would have down to a fine art, were so many not ignoring or treating their output with copious volumes of salt…
    Presumably tomorrow badly located sanitisers, PPE and testing doubts will accompany the usual volley of sending OAPs to their doom in the Spring, fitted in between promoting DRoss…

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