In one week 481 cases from England but only 97 from Europe

Blackpool Illuminations

The Times today published the details of where infections arrived in Scotland from in the week-ending October 25th.

In the week ending October 25th, 481 cases of Covid-19 were associated with travel from England while only 97 appeared to come from Europe and Turkey.

Given that new infections had been suppressed to single figures in July, the subsequent increases were imported.

What can we, should we do?

What kinds of business by salesmen and executives cannot be done on Zoom? Drivers can be easily isolated and sanitised.

6 thoughts on “In one week 481 cases from England but only 97 from Europe”

  1. Remember though, much of our fruit and veg etc comes from Europe through Dover on a truck then makes its way to us.
    If you stop travel from England to Scotland we have to be organised and do it properly.
    That means government in Holyrood introducing restrictions on movement England to Scotland and presumably Scotland to England as well.
    And by road sea and air.
    Tricky to organise .

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    1. time to have direct links to europe from our east coast ports, very easy to do and will benefit jobs and trade. Bypass the nightmare that is the south east of engerland.

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    2. The goods will be OK if it hasn’t been touched for a certain amount of days and then you can have tests at the border with compulsory quarantine perhaps even with a negative test because of incubation period. A lot of containers are brought over without drivers.
      There must be ways. Don’t get me started on schools.
      If we had our own money we could be investing in filtered ventilation in schools like Germany.


  2. I was informed yesterday that the Police in Ireland have checkpoints between counties during their lockdown.

    But we aren’t even ‘allowed’ to restrict movement over our entire country’s borders? It a farce.

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