Rate of fall levelling-out?

No, not infection levels, readership levels.

Fifth month in a row with falling views and visitor numbers, the Tusker‘s enormous nose bleed may be stemmed as we only lost around 800 visitors between September and October.

I’ve explored the shadow banning notion but with no real findings.

The global reach in October:

And in May.

Spot the differences. A World map game everyone can play.

Oh no, we’ve lost Estonia! And most of West Africa! Go on name those South American ones.

Most popular posts:

Lessons? Mention, in the headline, the National, Brian Taylor or the First Minister. Don’t mention Murdo Fraser:

Murdo Fraser recommends full fiscal dependency because that’s worked well in the past three centuries 1 .

40 plus reports had only one reader! To be fair most of those had been posted in the previous months.

15 thoughts on “Rate of fall levelling-out?”

  1. You do fine, John. Us oldies will always be here.
    To attract the young? It used to be revolution, rock music and long hair.
    Now? I have no clue.
    Hopefully now, I will always be old. After many years of contemplation, I have attained that heightened state of awareness (Eh, what did you say? Sorry, I need my glasses).
    The young will have oldness thrust upon them, if they persevere!
    Eat your hearts out, philosophers!

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  2. Not only do I routinely read your bloggs I use them to debunk many of the lies that some on Social media come out with. Keep going John your work and energy is indispensible to the cause.

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    1. Susan G (Automattic)

      This could be a case of disabled notifications, you may need to tell your new follower to check their reader settings to make sure they have turned off notifications to receive new posts via email. Please see below.

      Optional alternative text if image doesn’t load
      Alternatively they can also unfollow the blog and follow it back again, as it could also be tied to a minor error.

      Please also have them check their email folders, to confirm the emails are not being sent to the spam folder.

      Do let us know if the above steps helped your visitor resolve this, please reach out to us if they continue experiencing the same issue.

      Thank you,

      Susan G – WordPress.com Support Agent


  3. Are previous readers not finding the site because of the description “The Tusker”, even though this is followed with [Talking-up Scotland]?

    Thanks very much for all your work on this site – and thanks also to Tuskers for their contributions.

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  4. Keep on keepin on!

    The turmoil of the initial Lockdown increased site
    visits dramatically. The level of Turmoil political, emotional, pandemic, Brexit induced is cranking up daily.
    They are coming back, I can feel it in me teletubbie heid arial.

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  5. This is the site for facts and truth
    I sign in using google search then talkingupscotland II
    I find that often there is interference
    My screen on my iPad jumps an inch or two left then right stuttering deleting then freezes
    I know not who is responsible but it’s a new iPad I’ve got so I know it’s not the iPad

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  6. This blog is invaluable in exposing the spin and downright lies from some of the media in Scotland.
    Agree with everyone else,we need you to continue John.
    Very much appreciated,thanks.

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  7. Changing the site. Or the name. Could stop some folk from accessing the site.

    ‘The Tusker talking up Scotland’, gets into the site. It’s great. Graphs etc.

    ‘Standing up for Scotland’. Gives a great list of other stuff.

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