Good reasons to hold our nerve and end it with tiers, 5 of them

On the day the 5 Tier strategy launches, based on science, approved after consultation in Holyrood, well explained and with popular support, the evidence is already visible.

Above, new cases fall to below 1 000 for first time in more than two weeks. Seven day average of 1 162 is down from peak of 1 452 on 26th October, by 20% – steady but sure.

Hospital and ICU admissions lag 1 to 2 weeks behind but increase is slowing.

The seven day average for admissions was up 18% in last 7 days, up 31.4% in the previous 7 days and up 53% in the 7 before that.

Absolutely no suggestion of a risk to NHS?

And, a full lockdown in areas with no or single figure daily increases easily mopped up by superb track and tracing teams?


2 thoughts on “Good reasons to hold our nerve and end it with tiers, 5 of them”

  1. “Good Reasons To Hold Our Nerve” and stick with the Teir system. . . . . All day The BBC’s Radio station Based in Scotland, has been stupidly trying the very difficult job of persuading Scots that a Lockdown is preferable to the Tier system.

    All day they have brought on new “experts” (from all over UK) hoping they will rubbish Scot. Gov handling of Pandemic and talk up England’s.
    Closest the BBC got was after 5pm when John Beattie interviewed a female “expert from Grampian NHS who said she would always prefer tough measures. She was not convincing.

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