Sorry First Minister some old folk will just have to ‘cease to exist’

The morning after 37 die, in an astonishing sequence of reports challenging the Scottish Government’s strategy to reduce the infection rate and thus the death rate to come, BBC Scotland’s agenda is a sequence of stories questioning the strategy and headlining ‘damaging covid curbs on jobs and businesses’.

We then hear what is meant by business – just non-essential consumption, drinking and leisure, temporarily closed pubs, gyms and less Christmas shopping.

I’m sorry, lives come first.

Worst of all, we hear of the threat that nightshift taxi driving will ‘cease to exist.’ It seems they’re getting other daytime jobs. Wait, isn’t that a good thing? I feel sure nightshift workers have worse health and shorter life expectancies than the rest of the population. If we come out of this and lots of people start wanting night-time taxis again, then the daytime taxi firms will surely find it easy to expand?

We then hear of a Unison survey on too few cleaners. It’s a Unison survey. Let’s see the data, the sample, the methods. Why not?

And then it’s Gordon Brown telling the Scottish Government to ignore EU rules and guarantee that work stays in Scotland. I agree but isn’t that nationalist thinking?

In Ireland, the national broadcaster puts its shoulder to the wheel, to support a collective effort to fight the pandemic, informing and educating.

BBC Scotland think only to try to pull the wheel off.

6 thoughts on “Sorry First Minister some old folk will just have to ‘cease to exist’”

  1. They want Scotland to break EU and world trade deals. The Trade unions. Scottish workers (businesses) export and work worldwide under EU and international trade agreements. Cut off their nose to spite their face, as usual. When it benefits Scotland to honour these agreements and makes products and services cheaper in Scotland. Benefits the whole population. Brings in £Billions. Especially in renewables, fuel and energy technology. These trade deals guarantee millions of jobs in Scotland. Full employment. Fair competitive, tendering,

    They want to throw it away for a few thousand jobs. It is impossible. Never mind ridiculous. Small minded beyond belief. Parochial. Clueless. Throwing the baby out with the bath water. They just have no idea.
    The BBC usual nonsense. No wonder no one watches it.

    Kill yer granny to drink yerself to death, No thanks. Most people’s granny and grandpa are more important than that. Family and friends are the most precious things. More important than anything else. People help and care for each other. Especially in a pandemic.

    Gov keeping people safe, well and alive. Their first responsibility in any community or society. Health before wealth. A cafe chain wants to kill off it’s customers. Pret. The elderly/retired are the customers. They want to open to kill them off. Before it is safe. They will struggle with that. No doubt be reminded on the internet. Some calling for a boycott.

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  2. They didn’t do this to the same extent with the first wave so to me that proves this is political. So what changed? A string of polls that no one can now deny show that Scotland wants Independence.
    The BBC should be shut down as it inciting the breaking of public health law. I don’t think it is hyperbole to say that this is murder. It is true of Trump (and many Republican Governors) and Johnson and it is true of the corporate/state media.
    Murdering to stop Independence. Whilst, i should add the SNP sleeps and obsesses about thought control.

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  3. Surely The BBC are seriously damaging themselves, humans on both sides of the constitutional debate have an instinct for self preservation. It will be clear to many folk what BBC are doing here.

    The late Ian Bell wrote before this is over ” the BBC will be damaged”

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  4. The MSM, Business Leaders and Opposition Politicians all appear to be vying for the accolade of the most prolific serial killer in the UK. Wealth before Health

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