Better Together figure attacks SNP Government Policy to save lives

Headlining in Business Insider, Ken Symon tells us:

Business groups hit out at today’s Scottish Government five-tier local Covid restrictions announcement warning that it will cause “confusion and distress” and would be the last straw for many firms. The Scottish Licensed Trade Association (SLTA) said the new tier system, which comes into force on Monday, has been introduced without taking into consideration the concerns of the hospitality industry and will cause “utter devastation and sleepless nights for industry owners, operators and staff .” SLTA media spokesman Paul Waterson said: “The situation couldn’t get any worse and we are fielding calls from members who simply can’t take any more of this. They are deeply worried about the future and this will lead to further confusion and distress. “It will cause utter devastation and sleepless nights for industry owners, operators and staff who will spend this weekend wondering if their businesses are going to be viable, if they are going to still have jobs and, indeed, if they will even still have a business.

I’m sure this is all true, if ‘sexed-up‘, and the UK Government is failing to provide the funds to support these businesses, at this time, but to ‘hit out‘ at the Scottish Government’s strategy is surely wrong. If we don’t suppress the virus now it will be tougher later for all of us including businesses, fully locked down.

Why does Symon not mention the UK Government? He knows the Scottish Government has no borrowing powers?

Is it because he was Head of Business Engagement with Better Together in 2014?

6 thoughts on “Better Together figure attacks SNP Government Policy to save lives”

  1. Some businesses are doing well. Even under the pandemic conditions. Swings and roundabouts. Monies go on other things. Staycations, food and drink retailers, local tradespeople. Businesses following the guidelines and rules adapt. Tradespeople are extremely busy. Business are only required to close for a period. To contain the virus. Better than losing customers to the epidemic. More people sick causes more stress, anxiety and isolation. More strain on the SNHS and more death.

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  2. Hold on tight,,,,, its about to get rough!

    Latest poll (though its a month old) from JL Partners— perhaps a UK Gov poll—-shows 56% for Indy.

    Newsrooms round the country will be waiting at the printer for the latest instructions from Borisland—“ungratefull Jocks, give ‘um both barrels”!

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    1. They will certainly be on red alert now. A bumpy few months ahead for Scotland, the BritNats don’t do nice or act fair…quite the opposite in fact, their gravy train is about to do a u-turn back to Scotland.

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  3. Not my favourite person right now.
    But excellent graph which i hope she can publicise widely

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