Whose Civil Servants are they? Are there any Scottish Civil Servants?

By Brenda Steele

Whose Civil Servants are they?  Are there any Scottish Civil Servants? 

Do the Councils allow the Central Government to select their staff? Why should it apply to Holyrood?

Notice that this newspaper headline quotes not what is happening in the committee but relies on Murdo Fraser’s words. 

Tory MSP Murdo Fraser, who sits on the Salmond inquiry, described the letters as an “extraordinary attack” on the government and its “secretive approach to this inquiry”.

“We’ve now heard of even more information that the SNP government tried to keep hidden. They apparently didn’t reveal a key document that should have been disclosed.


SNP Government is the wrong term, it describes communications between British Civil Servants, doesn’t it?

Contrast with The National:

Barbara Allison told the Holyrood probe last month she did not receive the message from civil service chief Leslie Evans after being quizzed by Labour’s Jackie Baillie. However, a search by the Crown Office relating to material gathered for the former First Minister’s trial this Spring found that Allison had indeed received the text while on holiday. The search found the message was sent to Allison from Evans on 8 January 2019 – the day Salmond won his judicial review against the government.

The message and reply read: “L Evans: ‘Thanks Barbara – battle maybe lost but not the war. Hope you are having lovely & well deserved break. L’

“B Allison ‘Thanks Leslie. It is lovely here. My mind and thoughts are with you all there tho. Best wishes. Bx”


Always remember that Leslie Evans was brought in after her predecessor was deemed to have “gone native”.  This is his testimony.

Former permanent secretary Sir Peter Housden has said he was “not aware of any harassment concerns” involving Alex Salmond while he was in office

Housden also said he did not discuss any “bullying or intimidatory behaviour” by Salmond with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. He was responding to questions put to him by the committee investigating what went wrong with the Scottish Government’s handling of harassment complaints made against Salmond.  


9 thoughts on “Whose Civil Servants are they? Are there any Scottish Civil Servants?”

  1. “SNP Government is the wrong term, it describes communications between British Civil Servants, doesn’t it?”

    However, it is a convenient terminology for the British Nationalist politicians and media because it elides, misleadingly, the actual elected government of Scotland with the civil service allocated to assist that elected government. For the UK the distinction is always made between The Civil Service (“Whitehall”) and the elected UK Government (“Westminster”).

    Since the civil servants in Edinburgh (other than those for particular UK offices in Edinburgh), who are to assist the elected Scottish Government are, in fact, part of the UK Civil Service and responsible to it, then there is an opportunity for some of those civil servants to be directed by a ‘higher’ authority, i.e. someone acting for the Westminster and/or Whitehall to undertake actions against elected Scottish politicians because those politicians are, as part of the mandate they received when elected by the sovereign people of Scotland, implementing policies which further the overtly stated aim of making Scotland an independent country. Since, these civil servants are acting in the service of what they see as a higher authority, then they feel they do not have to inform the elected Scottish Government, until such time as this will further, advantageously, Westminster’s aim of stymieing the move to independence. As media hacks would say: the civil servants are acting ‘perfectly (sic) legally’.

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  2. There are as many “Scottish” civil servants as there are “Scottish” newspapers, radio and TV channels–Oh, and “Scottish” journalists to impartially tell us about our world.

    BBC Scotland, Scottish? Hahaha–get real!
    P & J ?
    Scottish Daily Mail?
    Scottish Times? And so on…………………………..

    All fantasy publications about as relevant to Scotland’s place in the world, as the Daily Bugle in Superman.

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  3. It’s important for the MSM to make it clear that there is a difference between Scottish Politicians within the Scottish Government and the ‘Scottish‘ Civil Servants who are working under the direction of the U.K. Government.

    “Leslie Evans is the Westminster Government’s “safe pair of hands” at Holyrood.
    Over time she will add other Senior managers of the same ilk to her team, effectively emasculating the Scottish Government at Holyrood.”


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  4. Britnat civil servants will always put their loyalty to Westminster above all else, including of course, Holyrood and Scotland.

    We need to get rid of these britnat civil servants. It can’t be done by adhering meekly to Westminster’s laws. It must be done by ignoring Westminster’s laws. Likewise for issues like section30. Sooner or later Scotland’s political representatives must grab the thistle and tell Westminster to stuff its laws up its erse.

    Westminster is in a mess; now is the time for action from Holyrood.


  5. Good guest article thanks Brenda, and John!
    ‘Scottish nationalist’, takes the biscuit really, given that the Daily heil is a very British nationalist right wing rag, and it’s not inclusive INTERnationalist, it’s an insular ethnic nationalism.
    When you have people being installed in your government, in high office, by another country, you have a problem. The person(s) cannot be trusted, it’s quite simple. It would be like a big company employing someone at top level, from a rival company, with all the info of the functioning of that company at their fingertips! You just would not do it, unless you were prepsred to go out of business. What a weird situation for Scotland to not have a choice, or at best to choose from a pool of people chosen by the next door country’s government, for high office in the Scottish government. Something about all of that doesn’t smell right, it’s not conducive to democracy for a start.

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  6. I still think one of the most significant parts of the texts is B Allison’s use of the word, ‘tho’ in her response.


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