Somebody needs wiped from the payroll at ITN

Every so often, somebody leaves a microphone on and we hear what our media class really think of us. You can be sure the Oz-sounding wag wouldn’t have said ‘You gave her a bit of swipe there mate!‘ if he hadn’t known he was safe among like-minds sharing his broad contempt for Scots and their elected leaders.

Top class signings for The Sunday Times Scotland | News UK
John Boothman (c) News UK

Some readers might remember how, in 2015, John Boothman at BBC Scotland made highly offensive remarks about the daughter of SNP MSP Margo MacDonald only to be overheard by Ms MacdDonald who recorded the comments on her phone.

In 2007, when BBC Scotland still allowed comments, ‘Marianne‘ reminded us of a classic moment, camera still running:

Brian, I watched your colleague Glen Campbell on Reporting Scotland tonight and was rather disconcerted to see him flamboyantly, in fact almost gleefully ‘tear in half’ a copy of the SNP manifesto (he did it not once, but several times during his piece) by way of illustrating his thoughts on Alex Salmond’s responses to questions put to him at FMQs today.

No doubt, I’ve forgotten a few,

10 thoughts on “Somebody needs wiped from the payroll at ITN”

  1. Yes, I did notice – mentioned it in a response on another thread. I thought NS handled it well.

    I also mentioned a captioned picture in the latest Private Eye which seems to imply Repressing Scotland may be er… less than respectful towards the FM. Did you catch it?

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      1. Oh. I thought it was pretty straightforward and had interpreted it as meaning that RS are showing the FM delivering the daily briefing but are undermining the message and making rude signs behind her back. Don’t know if you’re a regular viewer but the signers are quite active and I assumed the camera had just been stopped in that place to make it look like the signer was making a gesture. But then, I don’t pretend not to be politically naive.

        It’s on the same page as a cartoon captioned Brexit: Britain to leave the UK though, so I sense a theme…

        I don’t take much notice of the Look-Alikes they’ll extract it from anyone!


      2. @Alex#Hadn’t got that far when I posted, although I was by no means questioning your assertion of Krankyism. Far from it. But it often seems to me that PE gets digs in whenever it can at whomsoever it can. So one doesn’t necessarily preclude the other.

        As with all things, though, now this has been pointed out, I’ll be on the watch.

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  2. As sure as hell
    The Devil always let’s his guard slip and reveals his horns and blood eyes
    Once seen forever known
    My mother was a clippie on the buses and one guy was stupid enough to put his hand right her skirt
    Well thatp


  3. Pushed wrong key so i shall finish mother the clippie
    Well that resulted in the unfortunate and sexually adventurous chap receiving the full force of her heavy metal ticket machine right across his grinning jaw,which broke with the force,and my mother stating any other guy
    Fancy putting your hand up my skirt,because if you do I shall take the F**king head clean off your shoulders if you do
    Me thinks Nicola needs some of my Mums fire in the belly


  4. Yep, the clip showed the abrasive Peter Smith looking fair pleased with himself at being congratulated on his aggressive attitude to the FM, she kept her cool and moved on but I’m certain they all heard it, as did Andrew Kerr who looked a bit shocked… An arse with a smirk, well I never…


  5. A couple of weeks ago at the FM briefing I just caught a Peter somebody from STV or ITN off on a boorish rant pretending to be a question, and when I searched it turned out to be @PeterAdamSmith of ITV News. So when he got into his act today, I wasn’t a big surprise. Presumably his employer is happy that his approach – having a swipe rather than making any serious attempt to obtain or clarify information – is what they want to represent the face of ITV News at the press briefings.

    At the FM briefing itself, at least his behaviour can be seen and heard in full and the FM’s response also seen and heard unedited. In the briefing format, there seems a cultural acceptance that the press is allowed to be as in-your-face rude and insulting as they please, but the FM and/or panel colleague must reply with tact and diplomacy – since our fair-minded, world-leading journalists are peerless in their ability to report any unprovoked attack on the freedom and functioning of our media.

    I haven’t seen how Peter Adam Smith reports on these exchanges when he comes to format and present his news reports. But since he or his news editor is in control of the process, I’d take a wild guess that his having-a-swing questioning style will be replaced by something much more solicitous and serious. And as to how he presents the results – well looking at his timeline tonight, the statistical analysis doesn’t seem to have pushed him to look beyond his line that it’s the discharges wot did it. And I guess ITV News version is going to be seen by a lot more people than benefit by seeing the briefing first-hand.

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  6. Why is the National never there? We need more balance. NS should refuse to answer his questions. She should also be very blunt in saying “I have already answered that question” and straight to the next question.


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