What does he not get?

I’m reminded of President Nixon’s reputed inability in 1975, to change his tune even after he is told it’s all wrong.

Secretary of State MacNamara:

The North Vietnamese cannot be bombed into submission. What should we do?


Bomb them into submission!

In October 2020

Independent Report:

Discharges from hospitals of infected or non-infected patients did not cause the care home outbreaks. How do you react to that?

Willie Rennie:

The SNP could have helped them by not admitting people with the virus!

Makes you wonder why they only poll around 4%.

4 thoughts on “What does he not get?”

  1. Fairly concerted attack by HM press on our FM today on this very subject.
    They appeared to be upset that the independent report on discharges from hospitals to care homes showed no statistical correlation between testing and cases subsequently appearing in care homes.
    Also their attempts to portray our FM as being responsible for the deaths from Covid19 in care homes clearly rebutted.
    This was their next big hope after the former FM was found not guilty on sexual assault charges.
    They really will have to do better.

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    1. Indeed Wullie bad for digestion Rennie and the compliant BritNat media must spend hours looking for chinks in the armour, only to find non and then have to repeat themselves, then repeat their own lies.
      It’s getting tedious Wullie!


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