What do we need you for?


Here is the news:

Infection level down for sixth day and more than a third down since peak on 21st/22nd October.

Recent infection and death rates in Scotland way below those in rUK.

Now you’d have to do a wee bit of analysis, even work out a few percentages, to say that but it’s what the the readers expect of trusted newspapers isn’t it?

What you’ve headlined above, it’s useless, isn’t it? The First minister told us that stuff. What do we need you for?

7 thoughts on “What do we need you for?”

  1. As I have said before, the sickening thing is the BRITNAT media revel in reporting deaths in Scotland, they actually politicise this and all for SNP bad stories. BritNat media are evil no other word for it..

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  2. Fret not
    EHNS heading for unmitigated disaster
    One thing this virus has a high degree of predicability. And their data re.new infections
    Is all on the predictable path now

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    1. True.

      The terrible thing is that they don’t seem to have any awareness that they’re gloating about PEOPLE who were once fit, well and – in some cases – alive.

      Nor that presenting stuff the way they do can do absolutely nothing for the morale and mental health of those they pretend to be protecting. By all means, call things into question – that must be done, I think. But not this…


  3. Debate Night , Prof. Stephen Reicher is there a communication expert who often praises the Scot Gov’s handling of the pandemic, and criticises Englands efforts.
    Guess who’s sound is inaudible Btw I’ve heard the Prof. several times from the same room, his audio has always been very good.

    Few weeks back Kirsten Oswald was on. Couldn’t make out a word she said.

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  4. Off Topic:

    UK Union Unit appear to be trying to set the framing for blaming Scots Gov for any damage caused by (or even for causing) No Deal Brexit!


    This appears to have gone out at 16:31hrs across multiple media as diverse as the Belfast Telegraph, Shropshire Star, Suffolk News, MSM etc. looks like PA Scotland Editor (I assume the PA = Press Association),

    Nae doot a Gove press release issued without fact check orchallenge

    Stand out lines from the article are:

    “Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has been invited to “regular meetings” of the cabinet committee dealing with preparations and operational readiness for the end of the transition period, Mr Gove said.”


    “But he (Gove) told Mr Russell: “I note that despite this intensified engagement, UK Government ministers and officials have not been invited to any operational readiness meetings of the Scottish Government.”

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  5. Weasel…

    Gove, of course, not you!

    Unless I’m missing something and Westminster should be invited to meetings where Scotland discusses how it can prepare for a situation about which it knows very little?

    Nah. I was right first time, wasn’t I? Weasel.


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