The brassiest of brass necks?

Let’s clarify the facts here, because the Herald’s Caitlin Hutchison certainly doesn’t.

The Conservative Party is resisting Marcus Rashford’s call for free school meals in England, at Christmas.

The Scottish Conservatives, members of the same party, voted with their English colleagues, other than Ross who didn’t even turn up because he was ‘in Scotland.’

He didn’t seem to be ‘cheering on‘ Rashford then as the Herald happily lets him claim to be, here, now.

So, to be clear, they oppose Rashford’s campaign.

Yet, in Scotland, apparently inspired by his mum’s work as a dinner lady, Ross and his group will now press the SNP Government to go further than the position his party espouses for England.

This kind of creativity with the truth is central to the Ross Narrative. See earlier examples here:

So, think about it. Imagine the Labour Party in Scotland votes against free school dinners in Scotland then their Westminster MPs, sorry MP, tells the UK Government to provide them and to top them up with free sweets?

That’d be another entry in the Brass Neck Award Competition 2020.

There’s more competition than I thought.

8 thoughts on “The brassiest of brass necks?”

  1. At present Unionists are lying and distorting truth at a level never before known. In my life this is the worst I have seen and I am 70.
    Dross an MP is in charge of Scotland Tory party. What a disgrace, he tries to give a goody two shoes image until later the same day he or his compatriots prove he does not really care or indeed understand what is going on.


  2. The increasingly desperate contortions of Labour and the Tories in Scotland have been excruciating to observe, but for the Herald to attempt promoting such distortions is beyond ludicrous, and then there’s Dross…
    The days of Scotland’s media dictating the news and public opinion are long gone, they killed their own credibility with successive waves of bunkum are either oblivious to it despite falling audiences or are incapable of changing tack.
    The Tories and their attendant media fatally misunderstood the effects of their propaganda barrage on Scots, it only increased deafness, trying to promote the truly awful DRoss and the BIG lie is doomed to fail…


  3. Let us say that if Dross was officiating at A World cup final and Marcus was upon the field
    Then Dross would produce and wave in Rushfords face the RED CARD
    Mission Complete now
    can collect my bribe
    And knighthood
    Arise Sir Dross


  4. Ross is making a right fool of himself. A total hypocrite. Every time he opens his mouth. Even MSM are pointing it out. It must be bad. Or even worse than usual. The Tory are having to increase universal credit £20 a week. They cut it £100 a month. The Condems cut Welfare £16Billion from 2015. Ian Duncan Smith cut the income of the poorest. Universal credit. Tory taxes cuts for the wealthiest. Tax evasion. Hague, a right hood, buried the Report on child abuse. They will be voted out.

    The Scottish Gov plans to introduce a £10 payment for children from lower income families in February. That will help eradicate child poverty and inequality.


  5. Tory support in Scotland down to 16%? Along with Labour. LibDem 3%? How low can they go. 10% or lower. Extinction. The Brexit mess and shambles. Into oblivion they go. They had to get rid of Thatcher for closer ties with Europe, to aid the economy. Now they are destroying it.


  6. Before austerity was introduced Hartlepool had no food banks. Now it has 9.

    Austerity is punitive for the sake of punishment itself. It serves no purpose other than to punish.

    “‘Sanctions’ are almost entirely a development of the last 25 years. The British political class has come to believe that benefit claimants must be punished to make them look for work in ways the state thinks are a good idea. Yet the evidence to justify this does not exist. A handful of academic papers, mostly from overseas regimes with milder sanctions, suggest that sanctions may produce small positive effects on employment. But other research shows that their main effect is to drive people off benefits but not into work, and that where they do raise employment, they push people into low quality, unsustainable jobs. This research, and a torrent of evidence from Britain’s voluntary sector, also shows a wide range of adverse effects. Sanctions undermine physical and mental health, cause hardship for family and friends, damage relationships, create homelessness and drive people to Food Banks and payday lenders, and to crime. They also often make it harder to look for work. Taking these negatives into account, they cannot be justified.”

    Where is there any real compassion in Douglas Ross when this kind of obscenity exists for no reason other than to make the Tories popular?

    “Families and campaigners have demanded a public inquiry after a government watchdog found that at least 69 suicides could have been linked to problems with benefit claims over the last six years.

    Amid anger from the loved ones of some of those who took their lives in circumstances where difficulties with the Department of Work and Pensions played a role, the National Audit Office (NAO) report said that the true number of deaths linked to claims could be far higher.”

    Then along comes covid-19 to make matters worse.

    “The UK has had a run on food banks. As lockdown descended, resulting in millions of workers being furloughed or put out of work, many families found themselves facing an unfamiliar plight: food insecurity, also called food poverty. That more people were struggling to feed themselves and their children is clear from food bank statistics for April: an 89% increase in food parcels distributed by Trussell Trust food banks, and a 175% increase at the Independent Food Aid Network, when compared with the same month in 2019.1

    Tracy Olin, at Pembrokeshire Action to Combat Hardship (PATCH), helps to run a food bank. She and her colleagues have been shocked at the rise in demand—and at how many people have returned for assistance week after week. “We’ve had so many … that would only come to a food bank to donate [previously],” she says. “They really would never have dreamt that they would have to benefit from us.”

    Concerns are now growing that the covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated nutritional problems associated with food insecurity. These include obesity, undernourishment, nutrient deficiencies, and mental health problems such as anxiety, low self-worth, and depression. There are few or no hard data to show this, say experts, because such conditions are rarely tracked at scale alongside data on nutrition. But there are signs that many families have experienced profound changes to their diets, which are known to be associated with effects on health.”

    Tory policies will kill you.

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    1. Sam
      To add to the litany of Tory Austerity
      1.It may be considered as carefully engineered genocide
      2.The National debt soared
      3.It is entirely self defeating
      4.Forward thinking leading economists predicted the policy will be a abject failure due to
      5.Lower educational attainment
      6.lack of proper training programs
      7.Productivety will decrease
      8. Economic failure into a low wage/ skill economy
      9. Collapse of the NHS
      One even went as far to state that such austerity is utter lunacy as The UK will be completely unable to recover from its effects.
      For Ever and within a generation become a Third World economy from which it shall be impossible to escape
      Fret not though as we are about to escape this madhouse soon


  7. Of course Ross will disown this though his party caused much of it.

    “There were 4.2 million children living in poverty in the UK in 2018-19. That’s 30 per cent of children, or nine in a classroom of 30.1
    44 per cent of children living in lone-parent families are in poverty.2 Lone parents face a higher risk of poverty due to the lack of an additional earner, low rates of maintenance payments, gender inequality in employment and pay, and childcare costs. ”


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