How Scotland’s Unique media will cause deaths

TOURISM chiefs in Scotland have warned of a ‘wave of trauma and mental anguish’ in the hospitality sector as a multi tier system was announced by Nicola Sturgeon. The First Minister revealed the provisional  coronavirus  restrictions that will apply to different parts of Scotland from next week.

Leaving aside the misleading use of the term ‘tourism chiefs‘ for what is an association of businesses rather than say the chief executive of the national tourism organisation Visit Scotland, the Herald‘s platforming of this quotation is another example of the damage the UK media, unlike its counterparts elsewhere, has done to the campaign to control the virus:

The British media should acknowledge that they play a key role in shaping the UK’s response to Covid-19 and this shaping often produces perverse outcomes, but with no accountability. The very process of focussing on the latest fashionable, and often media-hyped, ‘failures’ distracts from the primary challenge of saving lives.

Covid-19, Institutional Failure and the British Media

Professor John Bryson of the University of Birmingham, above, argues that this kind of editorial policy and the reports it generates, demonises political leaders, undermines solidarity, reduces compliance and so costs lives.

I’ve looked at the Irish Times, Sun, Independent and Herald. There’s no sign of any report like the one above, challenging the democratically elected government’s strategy to save lives by allowing business interests a platform to emote in this way and to, unavoidably, weaken popular support for the strategy.

5 thoughts on “How Scotland’s Unique media will cause deaths”

  1. It’s winter, almost, and the ‘hospitality’ industry in Scotland will be winding down, mostly. It will recover, and if and when the ScotGov need to support businesses to weather the storm, in fact have they not already put some support in place, the tourism industry will bounce back. We can’t keep people away, because it’s anti English to even mention restricting people travelling into Scotland from hotspots in England, and we can’t force people to come to spend their hols and money in Scotland either. If the ScotGov just used the English tactic of herd immunity, next spring and summer would be a disaster for Scotland’s tourism, there would be much harder widespread lockpown etc.

    Scotland is an amazing country, I just watched some short films about the Islands at the National Lib of Scotland website, and wow, why would you ever want to go anywhere else! Yes it rains and is cold in winter and sometimes summer but it’s gorgeous. Soon as this thing is knocked on the head and we can all travel about on trains and buses again to see our lovely countryside again, that will be my priority, to see more of Scotland.
    Let’s have a staycation campaign, so when restrictions are lifted, people can get away from home, and see the amazing country in which they live.
    People will still travel to Scotland especially when they will be actually freaking ‘restricted’ in where thyey can easily travel to because of England’s Brexit. Guess where the English folk will go for their hols? Yep, Scotland, England has very little countryside left, and it’s all ‘no tresspassing’ notices anyway. Walk in some parts of Scotland and you don’t see anayone else all day, I can see that changing though. Just enough midges might help though lol!

    More scaremongering, and ‘wave’ well, at least they held back from saying ‘Tsunami’ this time!

    If only Scotland had more levers of power to do things like, borrow on their massive oil wealth to help out the ‘hospitality industry’ and other areas of business in Scotland. Shame the EngGov removes that wealth and bans Scotland from borrowing, what you say Herald? Is that OK?

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  2. As they so bloody arrogant and cock sure of whom and why they challenge in in their bombastic self belief and position
    I have a challenge for them
    Can they defy gravity as the trap door lever is pulled,whilst a rope is upon their neck


    1. I don’t think they’re necessarily arrogant. It must be dreadful if you’ve ploughed everything you have into a business then, through no fault of your own, the bottom falls out of it.

      ScotGov’s doing what it can, but that may not be enough. As ArtyHetty says the levers are all with Westminster.

      OTOH, I gather that hospitality business reps have written to SG telling them what they should be doing instead. So. Arrogant and cocksure. As you were…


  3. Tourism is big business in Scotland. Closing a few hotels for a period is not going to have a huge affect overall. In order to save lives. In fact it could increase business. People realise they are being cater for better. Their lives are less at risk. The rules and regulations followed. If people are not going abroad for holidays. They are spending money on other things. Tradespeople are working flat out. Extremely busy.

    Staycations have increased. Many people cannot get booking and the prices are up. Places are full. Caravan parks, Airbnb, self catering. Many places are full but still keeping to social distances. Hospitality is adapting to the rules and guidelines. Business at other times has increased to cover loses. If businesses follow the rules and guideline and adapt. Retail food and drinks sector is up 20%. Including profits.


  4. I’m not sure which is worse in this respect – the media or the opposition parties at Holyrood. The Labour and Tory amendments to the Strategic Framework, if passed, would have driven a coach and horses through the framework. It’s worth noting that the Better Together team were back as they voted together on each other’s amendments. Rather than just adding points, which might have had some merit, each amendment would have removed much of the Scottish Government text – including the bit which said more funding from Westminster was required.

    Fortunately both amendments were defeated, but the media will of course publicise the Labour and Tory critique.

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