SNP Government ‘Doing Better’ as Strategy gets results

The relative, 7 day average, infection level across the UK reveal it to be between 35% and nearly 50% lower in Scotland, six weeks after the introduction of measures in Glasgow, Lanarkshire and Dunbartonshire. More recent restrictions, imposed across the ‘Central Belt’, will further reduce it.

The contrast, above, with the situation in September, when the Scottish level was lower but much closer to the other nations, is clear.

The national level in Scotland has now fallen for 4 days.

Even in Scotland’s most highly infected area, Lanarkshire, linked with tougher restrictions in media reaction to a Scottish Government letter merely discussing the possibility, the infection level has been falling for 7 days now:!/vizhome/COVID-19DailyDashboard_15960160643010/Overview

11 thoughts on “SNP Government ‘Doing Better’ as Strategy gets results”

  1. People know lives are being saved in Scotland. The rules, guidelines and restrictions are working. That is why people are following the guideline to keep themselves and others safe. It is recognised the Scottish Gov is working flat out to keep people safe.

    There are test centres being set up. People see them and use them. If they have symptoms or are contacted. People inform other people when they have tested positive. People are isolating. Schools and other places, work places are isolating if anyone is positive or been in contact. Some places are having to shut down or have restrictions for a period. To save people’s lives. The most importance for a government to keep people safe and alive. Until a vaccine is found. Hopefully by Christmas time.

    Everybody knows people who have been tested and isolate. Many, most are testing negative but have still been tested. That is why it is recognised the Scottish Gov, Nicola and Co. are doing a good job. Or as much as can be expected. If people follow the rules and guidelines. That is what people are experiencing. That is the reality of what people experience. They see what is happening in their community and society. A good Gov that cares about others.

    The same cannot be seen about Westminster. Starving kids. Complete chaos. Foolishness, neglect and negligence. The Law being broken with impunity. The Courts having to step in to put things right. The Brexit mess unfolding. People dying A total pack of lies. Liars always get found out.

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  2. Hi Giordon, I’m not sure that people or employers everywhere are as informative as you suggest when it comes to getting infected with covid19;
    I think ther3 are still a lot of people who get covid19 and don’t tell anyone

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    1. They are that is why the death rate is low. People’s grandson is tested because they are unwell. Before they can go to school. Tested negative. Relations working in schools being tested on a regular basis. Pupils being tested or in contact. Isolating. A granddaughter being tested who worked in a bar of contacts. Tested negative. The bar has to close for not obeying guidelines. Owned by Tories (donations). Helped to disobey guideline by a unionist illegal council. That met with msss disapproval. Not just on the internet. ‘Death reaper’. Reap what you sow. Really bad for business prospects.

      Patients being tested before admitted to hospital or attending urgent appointment (by choice). Some people chose not to and disregard non urgent appointments from choice. Understandably.

      Businesses following social distance rules. Testing and contacts passing on information to others. To isolate. Neighbours and acquaintances being tested or contacted by others. To isolate.

      That is people’s reality and perception because that is what is happening. That is why the death rate is low or lower. The guidelines and rules being given. They are being followed. That is why people appreciate what is being done.

      People can see what the Scottish Gov. Nicola and co are doing. Not what any ‘news’ outlet or others are saying. The see people being tested abd contacted. Businesses do have to close for a period. Some are doing well in the pandemic.

      Partially everyone one that needs to is being tested and contacted.A daughter and partner in Glasgow. (negative) A workplace being closed for a period because people tested positive. A granddaughter at uni being tested and willing to isolate coming back from a holiday.

      A grandson isolating after being in an affected premises and having a break away. A partner being tested and contacted before a operation but declined from choice. A grandson being tested. Negative before going back to school. A daughter working in a school regularly being tested. A business person being tested. Employees being tested or isolating if positive. Businesses following the guideline not just because they have to but because it is good for business. It keeps them open.

      That is what is happening on the ground. That is what forms people’s perception of the positive things being down. The guideline and rules being followed. No matter what the naesayers report.

      People’s perceptions are positive because they can see the guideline and contacts being followed. People caring for, and about others. The Scottish Gov doing a good job. Or as much as can be expected if people follow the rules guidelines.

      It is the ones who do not follow the guidelines. They are the ones, of whom, people have a negative opinion They get the backlash if they disobey the rules or are selfish and put others at risk. They can lose business and or approval because of it. Keeping people safe and alive brings benefits. Of approval and being appreciated.. People doing the right thing commands approval and rating. It is a positive in a dire situation.

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  3. Correct John the downward trend looks encouraging but true to form BBC Scot leading with the small rise in Dundee. They just cannot help themselves.

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    1. No! The CAN and ARE helping themselves. They are a BRITISH NATIONALIST organisation and part of the propaganda about how GREAT BRITAIN is, is the denigration of these upstart Scots,Irish and Welsh.

      Every single day there are vox pops of people say how ‘confusing’ the guidelines in Scotland are and how we need ‘clarity’.

      On the two or three days during the epidemic when the Scottish daily rate of infections has been higher than that of the UK, Wuggie Rennie has immediately shouted how Scotland is WORSE and BBC Scotland gives him a platform.

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    “In England, the highest regional infection rates are still in the North West, Yorkshire and The Humber, and the North East.

    The COVID-19 Infection Survey has been expanded and now includes infection estimates for Scotland, and monthly antibody estimates for England and Wales.

    In England, an estimated 5.6% of people would have tested positive for antibodies against the coronavirus in September, with the highest positivity in London, the North East, Yorkshire and The Humber and the North West. Infections in Wales are estimated at 16,700 people, or 1 in 180 people during the most recent week of the study, up to October 16 2020.

    Antibody prevalence for Wales is estimated to be around 4.2% of the population in September.

    In Northern Ireland, during the most recent two weeks (3 to 16 October 2020), we estimate that 1.01% of people had COVID-19.

    In Scotland, we estimate that 0.57% of people in Scotland had COVID-19 in the last two weeks.


  5. But….

    “John Bye
    With cases still rising and the government considering yet more policies that rely on greater testing capacity, we may well find ourselves limited by lab capacity again, like we were in late August, and in early September when tests had to be rationed.”

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  6. Well here is a wee glimpse of what Independence can do
    Norway fully in control of borders and monies
    So data is for period Oct 1st-Oct 26 th

    New Cases
    Norway 4025- 7.43/ million
    Scotland 27962 – 5084 / million
    England 364214 – 6566/ million
    So England 29.2% higher pro rata to Scotland
    And 784 % higher than Norway

    New Deaths
    Norway 5 – 1/ million
    Scotland 179 – 32.54/ million
    England 2378. – 42.89 / million

    So England 32% higher pro rata to Scotland
    And Oh yes 4190% higher pro rata than Norway
    Never ever will ABC or MSM demonstrate such data
    This proves beyond all doubt if you are fully Independent,Fiscally sound and act immediately as / WHO advice and you are well prepared
    That you can & will Suppress the virus and safeguard not only your people but also their
    Wealth and economy
    At this point I rest my case for Scottish Independence
    As the Jury retire to the ballot box of Holyrood May 2021,and await their verdict
    With much anticipation

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