most comprehensive flu vaccination programme in the UK’s history has a few delays Shock

The most comprehensive flu vaccination programme in the UK’s history

That was how the UK Government described it.

And in the Independent:

Matt Hancock has said the UK will see the biggest seasonal flu vaccination drive in history this winter to try and mitigate the fear of a winter crisis mixed with coronavirus. Speaking remotely at the National Pharmacy Association annual conference, Mr Hancock said the government was planning now for winter, adding: “We’re going to frankly need to use all of the capabilities at our disposal to deliver the vaccine programmes that we need to in the months ahead.”

There are mounting concerns that a severe winter or flu epidemic on top of any second wave of Covid-19 infections could overwhelm the NHS for a second time leading to more deaths and cancelled operations. Mr Hancock said community pharmacists would be key to helping vaccinate as many at risk people such as the elderly and those with underlying conditions.

Ambitious and so worthy of a little slack if there are some delays? Not in Scotland.

Our media have found a few to complain about delays. It is not known what personal connections they have to opposition MPS.

The Tusker asked its followers on Twitter and 95% said they had had a ‘good experience.’

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (NHSGGC) issued an apology today to members of the public for the way in which the flu vaccination programme has been delivered so far this year:

The Health Board is very aware of the concerns that have been raised by members of the public and the anxiety felt by those in the 65+ age group who are yet to receive their flu vaccination.

NHSGGC would like to reassure members of the public that all remaining letters to the 65+age group will be sent this week and their appointment will be scheduled before the end of November.

Mrs Lennon (73) said: ‘It’s not good enough!’

BBC Scotland’s Lisa Summers may soon call in ‘dysfunctional.’

8 thoughts on “most comprehensive flu vaccination programme in the UK’s history has a few delays Shock

  1. EHNS have since March to prep.for this and here we are 7 months later and Hancock starting to shake in his boots
    Meanwhile SNHS flu vaccination well planned,deployed and well on the way to a successful conclusion

    So if Winter flu this time round is rampant
    Then EHNS WILL collapse in many areas
    And along with the consequential ampflications thereof
    My retort to England is quite simple
    Well is that not what you voted for
    World class records


  2. The Herald is beyond a joke. Its front page nearly everyday for the past week or more has been taken up with NHS Scotland based stories and by implication the SG too.

    We got our flu jabs at a local pharmacy at the beginning of the month. Saw the sign in the window. Went in to arrange an appointment but they did it then and there.

    The media are not interested in all the people who are satisfied with the NHS just the ones, and it is usually one, who complain about some aspect or other of the service.

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  3. Can’t these people / journalists etc. not be taken to task for their total negativity, towards anything Scottish? Surely, if an organisation (ie the SNHS) Threatened a court action, for issuing fake news etc., they can be forced to state the true pictures of these ‘tales’???

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    1. No one listens to them anymore. People have their own reality from their own experience. These so called ‘journalists’ are out of the equation. Many are now getting their jotters. Liars always get found out.


  4. Everyone is getting their flu jabs. It could not be more efficient. People who need it are getting tested or contacted. Test centres are opening everywhere. There are test kits available on the internet. Testing and contacting is up and running.

    Everyone who needs it is being tested. It they have symptoms or are in contact with those who do. Self isolating unless the result has tested negative. Most people know those who have been tested. Or if positive are isolating. People care about each other and are obeying the rules and guidelines. They do not want their parents to die. No one does. That is what is keeping deaths down.


  5. O/T
    Sorry, bit distracted at the moment, but, for some respite watching short films on the National Library of Scotland’s ‘movingimage’. A great archive of films about Scotland dating back to early film making. They are ALL in copyright so cannot share, but got onto subject of ‘money’ today. You can browse by genre and years, subjects etc. Anyway, sitting here aghast. Anyone ever heard of the ‘tank bank’ of the WW1? The film number on the nls site is, 1238B, as I say absolutely in copyright do NOT share actual film anywhere. The gist is, this massive tank ( from England?)
    came to Scotland’s cities, to er collect cash, and give out bonds, (bits of paper) in return. This was towards the end of the war, so, people gave their cash, councils like Aberdeen donated £50k, and, the er, tank bank is then loaded onto a train, and off it peeps to er London. Scams have been going on for a long time, this was in 2018, to help ‘stop the war’ apparently. Anyone know what happened to the £millions they collected and whether people were able to cash in their ‘bonds’? ‘Juteopolis’ ie Dundee ‘raised’ £4,4000,000 alone. ‘Juteopolis’!!
    What happened to peoples’ money? The Lords like Strathclyde are there and many very very well off looking folk.
    Miss Findlay, she says, ‘bonds and certificates are really weapons with which you can strike dismay into the heart of the Germans’, sporting a dead fox around her neck…she was the secretary for the ‘Scottish war savings committee’. Hmm.
    Would love to know more about this and other aspects of Scotland’s money taken for various war efforts etc.

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