Swinney ‘Inundated’ by ‘Blitz’ of at least three emails!

Apologies for the mixed metaphors but I’m not to blame.

In the Herald today:

JOHN Swinney has been accused of allowing the exams fiasco to “fester for days” after newly-released correspondence revealed he was inundated with a dossier of criticism from parents and pupils before eventually signaling a U-turn. The Education Secretary faced calls to quit after thousands of pupils saw their teacher estimated marks downgraded through moderation from the SQA – before a change of heart led to the original grades being allowed to stand.

This all comes from a Scottish Conservatives Freedom of Information request. I cannot find it to check how high the ‘inundation‘ really was.

Why are there only three quotes in the Herald report if there’s been an ‘inundation‘ or as Jamie Greene’s Tory mind prefers a ‘blitz of criticism?’

I’m reminded of earlier cases where 5 out of 55 000 teachers write to John Swinney to complain about something and it is presented as ‘teachers complain’.

4 thoughts on “Swinney ‘Inundated’ by ‘Blitz’ of at least three emails!”

  1. Remember. All the Scottish “journalists” are now fighting like rats for a place on Micky Goves “Goebals Unit” .

    To get there, they have to tell more porkies than usual—and that’s a LOT!

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