They seek him here, they seek him there

Douglas Ross is developing a reputation for fibbing to compare with his boss in London.

His latest excuse for not turning up where he should be, is that he didn’t vote for school meals because ‘he was in Scotland.’

Running the line for a bit extra on some football pitch?

He insists that he still has plans to implement free school meals in Scotland when he wins the next election. Don’t laugh.

Ross is famous for not turning up.

In 2017:

And earlier this year:

He doesn’t just fib to cover up his absences. He claimed in September that Nicola Sturgeon had signed a pledge not to have any more referenda:

He didn’t just chicken out of voting for free school meals:

He even twisted the words of a farming union leader:

To be fair, he was honest on this one occasion:

You’ve got to not admire his nerve.

He did turn up for his wedding in 2015 but then it was on the farm where he worked.

7 thoughts on “They seek him here, they seek him there”

  1. Liars always get found out. Vote them out. It would be laughable if it was not so tragic. The Tories are a total mess. Habitual liars. Johnston got sacked by Murdoch for lying. The biggest liar of them all. They are pathetic. Beyond reproach. Killing people. Austerity. Brexit. Embezzling public monies. Breaking the Law. Corruption. The Courts have to sort them out.


  2. The ‘Progressive’ Guardian has decided he is the person Scotland needs – now that the Colonel Baroness is moving to the Lords.


    1. And who the F**k do the Guardian think they are in the thinking who Scotland needs
      Because we certainly DO NOT them
      I keep telling everybody this has nothing whatsoever to do with any in England
      Our future is ours and ours alone
      Tis time for us all to adopt that mind set
      Ignore them

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  3. Yet he is “there” on every BBC outlet they can stuff him onto.
    Every night on Repressing Scotland he gets a wee say–a dig at people with life and death responsibility— with ever being asked any questions.

    He has been touted as the “new Ruthie”, and I agree.
    Both were/are vacuous, useless muppets operating against the elected Scottish government on behalf of a colonial regime.

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  4. Lay aff wee Dougie. The Supervisor told him not to put his flag up unless he was certain, and he thought, in this case, VAR would say the decision was wrong.

    He realised, too late, he had mixed-up the day job with the big job. He’s not the sharpest you know.


  5. It’ll be a first,having a Baron officiating at a fitba match.
    Well,perhaps not,£300 per day plus expenses should obviate that need.


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