Scottish Labour to Just give up!

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Not be popular, ten times?

It was bound to happen. If you find yourself rejected, time after time, to survive, you will start to say and to believe this sort of thing:

We never wanted to be popular.

It’s quite shallow really.

We’re not going to court popularity like those others do.

We’re better than that.

Yesterday, Jenny Marra MSP didn’t disappoint to disappoint us, again with this intervention:

It’s clear. For Marra, like the others in the current pile-on, civil servants should not just do what they’re told, they should accept abuse from politicians without complaining.

Does the bitterness comes from this?

Never better than third-best except for one time just before Richard Leonard got to work on their popularity ratings.

Never able to reach 20% despite from Jackson Carlaw and Douglas Ross.

4 in 10 Labour members support independence

Come on, surely you can get rid of those 39% hangers-on who are nasty populists and nationalists.


5 thoughts on “Scottish Labour to Just give up!”

  1. Much worse scenario for the English HQ’d Labour party in Scotland than for the Tory HQ’d lot.
    EngLabour had almost full control of Scotland, in local councils, for decades, then their brief but very damaging honeymoon spent at Holyrood with devolution, ten years, they must have thought every dream had come true back then. Then, dah dah dah! The nasty, populist, social democratic party the SNP, swept to power, snatching away from Labour, the lucrative freebie lifestyle, to which the champagne socialists had become accustomed to. The faux socialists want their gravy train back, and they want it now, whahh haaaa! Too bad.
    We still have free speech, if people need to call out and expose the media for their sheer bias, and indeed propaganda, then those who work to deny the people the truth and clarity, during a pandemic, need to actually seriously, ‘get used to it’. Scotland is not getting back in the box, and it’s perfectly acceptable, and essential, to ask questions of the questioner. Ger used used to it, Jenny.

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  2. Marra’s justifications are priceless – “..civil servants argue publicly with senior politicians and undermine the press.”

    Marra attacks Smith for defending Leitch objecting to her own Holyrood boss’s stupid comment, despite only a month ago calling on him to quit is hypocrisy on stilts, “senior politicians”, singular, Leonard.

    The “undermine the press” coming from the wife of a DC Thomson exec. is choice, but how exactly does Smith’s tweet undermine a press which has systematically destroyed it’s own credibility for years?

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  3. I propose and 2nd the motion
    That a former colliery be reopened
    Solely for the purposes of setting up of a
    Much and urgently needed Re education cte.
    For all Branch office Scottish Labour elected
    Personnel & Senior party officals
    Further more all other political activity is suspended
    All so we can stop making fools of ourselves
    Such will restart once education completed
    And your mind set re booted to a correct attitude
    Lesson no.1
    Thou shall draw 12 tonnes/ 12 hr.shift
    Using your own pick and shovel,along with your unique hutch and pony
    You have 3 shifts in order to attain this level of competence
    Failure to do so Will Result in electoral failure
    Sorry Ladies and Gentlemen in this age of equality No Sex discrimination
    We must go bag to basics or the fight against the Tories in England will be lost forever
    As the Scots escape their clutches


  4. The NE lister. Does nothing all day but criticises people working endlessly to contain the pandemic. Labour utterly useless candidates if they can find any. Sinking into oblivion.

    The illegal ACC. There is more need to sort them out. Ruining the City and not obey or following the guidelines. Acting illegally to put people’s lives at risk. In with the Tories ignoring the rules and guidelines. Supporting Tories and Tory donors to cause havoc and increase risk. They had to be shut down.

    Blatantly breaking the Law aided by the illegal Council. Labour councillors supposedly suspended. Getting away with it. Trying to bankrupt the City and causing death and destruction everywhere.

    Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion. Typical Labour failure. Misusing the public purse. Wasting £Million/Billions. Some people never learn.


  5. The “Scottish” Labour party and the “Scottish” press.
    Welcome to each other.
    “Scottish” Labour told us lies for decades, and the “Scottish” press never thought to question it—indeed HELPED with the misinformation!
    Now both are in serious decline.
    But its not too late for either to wake up, and commit to your original purpose.

    Odds are ? !,000,000 to 1. At best!


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