‘Newspapers and Broadcasters have played a crucial role in communicating Government health messages’ On which planet?

From Brenda Steele:

The above tweet from Jenny Marra is the most recent in this unedyfying exhibition of crassness from the anti-Independence forces:


Undermining the press???  Or is it the press that is undermining the public health messages from the Government!?

It may not be defined as criminal in the law books, but in my view it should be. Encouraging people to feel aggrieved and deprived is encouraging them to put others lives at risk and that – in my book – is tantamount to murder.


Statement released this evening by the Scottish Parliamentary Journalists’ Association:



And at the next Coronavirus press conference:


Tricia is so right and lots of folk are seeing this shower for what they are.

6 thoughts on “‘Newspapers and Broadcasters have played a crucial role in communicating Government health messages’ On which planet?”

  1. The actual media, a huge and mega funded global propaganda unit, is actually gas lighting the people, government and experienced health scientists of Scotland. Playing the victim, because the people are sick to the back teeth of the media lies, duplicity, denial of facts, stoking confusion, sowing seeds of doubt and sheer manipulation of truth and justice. These dangerous narrative controllers, brainwashing the gullible and compliant are not happy at being found out and exposed. Too bad, what goes round comes round.

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  2. Alisdair Gray’s epigram: “work as if you live in the early days of a better nation” was not intended for use by a person who works to keep Scotland in a Union Governed by Right Wing Tories!

    Statement by Scottish Parliamentary Journalist Association

    There are established procedures for making complaints against to any media outlet.

    Translation: you are only allowed to make complaints to us in private. If your complaint is upheld the appology will be hidden in the offending paper, months from the date of the complaint.

    Even retired Politicians are forbidden from commenting on The Press. According to Gordon Chree “it never looks good”
    He is one to talk about looks.

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  3. I’m afraid that for as long as the majority of the media are perceived as being part of the anti Scottish statehood establishment,the now majority of Scots will treat them with suspicion and contempt.
    Whilst the narrative that they represented the views of a most Scots held true,they could continue with their agenda.
    No longer.
    Those media outlets that rely on Scottish subscriptions (not the BBC) are going to have to change tune.
    The others are going to have to rely on how much value head office outside Scotland places on maintaining their political message.


  4. The press that operates in Scotland has made its own bed— stuffed with mis-reporting, bias, omission, commission, planted tales, exaggeration’s, news suppression and all-round basic lying—and is now reaping its reward of a HUGE decline in sales–this in a country which was once the biggest consumer of newsprint on the planet.
    The broadcast media (in general) cares nothing for Scotland, and doesnt pretend to impartiality.
    The BBC, which is supposed to be impartial, is a disgrace to journalism..


  5. Here is the tweet to which some of the media took exception.

    “Gregor Smith
    Oct 22
    was asked a question about Christmas to which he responded with all the honesty I associate him with. This is now being twisted & misreported, not just in social media but by media outlets. His remarks were bad news but truthful & open and his abuse now is shameful”

    I would echo every word of what Gregor Smith says here and I would stand up for his right to say it.

    Just suck it up, journos. Twist and misreport is what you do too often.


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