Keep going. It’s working

After quite a long period when the infection rate in Scotland has been essentially the same as that in the other parts of the UK, a gap is emerging again.

The line above began to diverge around four weeks after the tougher measures in Glasgow and the surrounding counties were implemented.

Though it seems that the ‘slightly older adults‘* of Lanarkshire are not all ‘with the project‘, there are some grounds for optimism.

The infection rate in England and Wales is 30% higher per million population.

*Covid: Older people ‘partly to blame’ for bar shutdown:

9 thoughts on “Keep going. It’s working”

      1. The comments on the BBC article appear when I look at the article on my phone but not when I view the link on my tablet


  1. BBC Radio 4 World at One today, 23 October: in introducing latest Scottish Government’s Covid-19 announcements, the presenter starts with, in terms:

    “Not to be outdone by England, Scotland has introduced five tiers of restrictions.” – serious public service broadcasting?

    I’m afraid for some time now any sense of humour I have fails to work with BBC output.

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  2. Well,surprise surprise (not!) not a single question from HM press today on FM daily Covid presentation regarding the UK limited funding for Scottish businesses during this crisis.
    Unlike England.
    This will eventually determine what happens with regard to health policy in Scotland i.e. what sort of restrictions the SG can put in place to protect us.

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      1. That clarification is welcome but never really knowing how much or when additional Consequential funding might be made available to the SG makes strategic planning that requires finance to implement highly restricted – unless the SG raises e.g. the only main tax it controls (but even then only in part) income tax!

        And uncertainty over Consequential funding is far from unusual.

        The fiscal trap closes bit by bit: we need to escape and soon before the trap shuts even more and the direct funding from Westminster in devolved areas kicks in (cf UK Internal Market Bill) – and has electoral consequences.


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