75 dead in one week and the Campaign to increase covid death rate gets media backing

Where’s the evidence that closing bars and restaurants helps to suppress the virus, they protest.

The experience of closing down the Aberdeen cluster in August revealed the role bars can play in the rapid growth of a covid outbreak. Quite a severe lockdown was required to suppress it. The revellers will have infected at least some elderly and vulnerable people. It’s possible some of them died. Do we need to wait for academics to get a peer-reviewed survey published before we act on that knowledge?

Good news! At least three have already been done:

First, the highly respect Nature Medicine published research in September, tracing an outbreak to four bars in Hong Kong.


Second, also in September, a US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study reported:

Adults with positive SARS-CoV-2 test results were approximately twice as likely to have reported dining at a restaurant than were those with negative SARS-CoV-2 test results.


Third, from Emergency Infectious Diseases, in July, a study from Guangzhou, China, implicated the air conditioning in a restaurant.


Isn’t that enough to make you want to err on the side of caution? Put lives first?

15 thoughts on “75 dead in one week and the Campaign to increase covid death rate gets media backing”

  1. Resorting to the law to keep your “cafe” or hospitality open is hardly helping to curb the virus.
    These people just don’t get the message and are risking the health of their customers.

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  2. The economic fall out from this virus, plus England imposing Brexit onto Scotland, is a huge gift to the BritNats, they are laughing their heads off at the ScotGov and the people of Scotland. The future looks very bleak, unless Scotland escapes.


    1. ArtHetty
      I have no doubts whatsoever we shall escape
      All the actions on both sides have mostly passed now and the effect shall be Indy
      Tis only for us to loose now
      The dynamics shifting in the polls now are irrereversible and WILL soon pass 60% as
      The Brexit & Virus economic effects grow
      Most of the gains in the polls are from
      1.Woman who voted NO and you know how
      Difficult it is for Woman to change their mind
      More of them shall follow
      2..Ditto for the older age group
      3.As each day passes. More and More older NO voters die
      And more and more young now able to vote
      And it is the young who are more Indy minded
      Never tell a youngster You cannot have
      It always backfires on you
      This all reminds me of a radio programme i listened to
      2 days after Thatcher 1st elected with Jimmy Young and it went something like this

      J.Y. you are called the Iron Lady by the Soviets,are you not Frightened of them
      M.T.no their is nothing i fear
      The conversation contd.for a good few mins
      MT. can we go back to fear and Iron Lady
      J.Y.yes what is it
      M.T. there is 1 thing i fear and that is Scottish Nationalism
      J.Y. Why
      M.T. because history shows you that Nationalism never ever goes away
      And when it returns it always comes back stronger and stronger till the day it wins
      Maggie for all her faults was a smart cookie
      And if she was alive today
      She would say I told you so Boris you are a Stupid Boy indeed


  3. Businesses changing their status. Happens every day. They still have to follow the strict guideline and rules. Otherwise they lose custom and can be prosecuted.

    The Aberdeen disaster was a major attempt by Tories unionists and their donors to disobey the rules with contempt. They soon got shut down. Everyone was raging. The business owners and unionist politicians held with utter contempt. Widely condemned. Not good for business. Or survival in the pandemic.

    Bars and restaurants make money on the food, not from the drink. Businesses can sell alcohol outside social distancing. Or do takeaway as well. The food and drinks industry are capitalising and some increasing profits in the pandemic. Food and drink retailers profits and business are up 20%. People are diversifying and getting Gov help and grants. Bank loans etc. Many hospitality sectors are inundated with bookings and are having to turn people away. Increasing prices for rooms, rentals and self catering.

    The illegal Council’s attempt to kill their grannies. Elderly women live five years longer on average. The elderly are more susceptible to the disease. Especially elderly men over seventy. Traditionally Tory voters. The majority of Tory members are men over seventy. The Tory support now in decline. They could not make a bigger Brexit mess and shambles.

    Once again the Scottish Gov had to step in to try and clear up the unionist mess. The unionists were breaking the rules and guidelines which could result in deaths. Some people never learn.

    The Scottish Gov test centres are up and running. People with symptoms or contracts are being tested. A majority. Then isolating as per the guidelines to keep the virus down. The system is working. To keep people alive. There are enough tragedies because of unprecedented pandemic. Tests kits can be ordered on the internet.

    Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP Gov are doing the best that they can in the circumstances. This is recognised, in increase support, In these unfathomed times. Hopefully a vaccine will be found soon to end the nightmare and worry for everyone.

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  4. There is also the paper/note published by the SG on 7th Oct and circulated to MSPs ahead of the announcement about pub closures. The paper/note was written by the Chief MO, Chief Nursing Officer and National Clinical Director. It sets out the evidence for the pub closures some of which came from the Test and Protect data.

    Don’t have a link but it is called:
    ‘Covid-19 SG’s evidence paper for pub closures.pdf’

    Noticed the Herald today dragged their favourite Bacteriologist into the fray. According to him any ‘evidence’ was ‘anecdotal’ so there.

    The hospitality sector is not doing itself any favours by the way it is behaving.

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    1. I saw this evidence at the time. However I saw NO reporting of it in the media. But I saw and heard hospitality business owners asserting that there was no evidence and the reporters not challenging them.

      Why let the truth interrupt the media ‘narrative’ – Scotland bad, business unquestionably good.

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  5. If the hospitality industry win their case, and re-open against the specific advice of the health authorities, do they then become liable in law, for any subsequent infection their customers suffer on their premises?

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  6. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/oct/08/pubs-restaurants-do-scientists-think-covid-closures-curfews-work-virus

    “Are pubs and restaurants important in the spread of Covid-19?
    Outbreaks often begin in crowded indoor settings, such as cruise ships, conferences, bars and restaurants, with transmission then occurring beyond that, for example, in households. That’s according to studies cited by Dr Michael Head, a senior research fellow in global health at the University of Southampton.

    Prof Linda Bauld, a public health expert at the University of Edinburgh, agreed, noting that contact tracing data from Aberdeen, where a local lockdown was imposed for three weeks in August, showed that the outbreak was triggered by a small number of infectious people entering hospitality venues.

    “The idea with restricting access to pubs or restaurants, or closing them altogether, is that we can break the chain of transmission, reduce the number of super-spreading events, and then that should have a decent impact in terms of lowering new outbreaks and therefore onward transmission,” said Head.”

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    1. And Prof Sridhar has sken about enclosed, crowded places with poor ventilation such as pubs being perfect environments for spreading the virus.

      Look how the Aberdeen outbreak rippled out into the surrounding area.

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  7. More evidence.

    “A report from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) last week showed that people with COVID-19 were twice as likely to have visited an indoor dining establishment in the weeks prior to symptom onset, and now a new analysis of cell phone data from the Washington Post shows that states that reopened bars saw a doubling of COVID-19 cases 3 weeks later.

    The data show that foot traffic to bars was followed by a rise in cases, and in Colorado and Louisiana—some of the few states that make contact tracing data public—20% of all cases can be traced to bars and restaurants.

    Indoor dining, especially when capacity is capped at 25%, appears to be less of a problem than bars. But in bars, physical distancing is harder to control, and people talk more and louder when alcohol is consumed, which could contribute to the production of more virus aerosols.”



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