Scottish Labour Leader gets dizzy trying to spin ‘spin’ that isnt spin

It’s only Richard Leonard, of course.

Combing spinning with his habitual nodding and that head will come off!

Under a bit of temporary pressure, NHS Scotland has hired some staff from a travel agency and a call centre. They have not hired the companies in any way.

It’s no more outsourcing of responsibility than a care home owner hiring agency staff. The care home owner is in charge, totally. We know that Leonard has no problem with that.

He finishes his complaint with:

We need to know how much public money is going into private hands.

We do indeed but we’ll need to investigate some biggies such as the public funds being drained by care home corporations, who pay little or no tax, before we get to this ‘small beer.’

Here’s how the Herald reported the First Minister’s comments:

I see no semantics.

5 thoughts on “Scottish Labour Leader gets dizzy trying to spin ‘spin’ that isnt spin

  1. Yes indeed, Labour know all about private hands don’t they. Dick Leonard, ‘lets’ take Scoddish warrter back inta public ‘ands’ certainly takes a pretty penny from the er, public purse to lie like rotten to the people of Scotland. These lackeys of the UK Eng Labour party in Scotland are lying scheming troughers, they lack any integrity, disgusting nothing worse than pretendy lefties in politics, lowlifes.

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    1. I think it was his first day at Holyrood, when he did not even know that Scottish water is public owned, except for the non domestic part which his party sold off to er, a private companies.


  2. Re.Mr.Leonard and his need to know how much money is going into private hands
    Tell him 1st to tell us how much and still going into private hands and wha the final sum shall be from his beloved Labour PFI racket
    That will soon zip his mouth


  3. Pretty clear that Monica Lennon and their ilk would rather that Barrhead Travel was making redundancies than supporting national efforts to combat covid.

    Scotland’s opposition is just utterly woeful.

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  4. Another tricky Ricky blunder. No wonder Labour is in such decline. They cannot get anything right. They can’t even tell right from wrong. Left or right. Just going down into obscurity.


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