Exposed: Douglas Ross MP and his difficulty with numbers!

SFA help out Tory Leader Douglas Ross with trio of Glasgow appointments |
(c) Video Celts

From stewartb:

Not really sure how but in the course of daily browsing I came across a link to the recent Tory conference speech by the great new hope of Unionism, Douglas Ross. And I read it through. Before I get to ‘numbers’ there are some cracking phrases in it.

“As if somehow Scotland leaving the UK would not wash out the Union flag” – flags, flags is that not the thing that only those nasty Scottish nationalists go on about? Apparently not.

On his fellow Tories: “They too often see Britishness and Englishness as one and the same.” – where have the likes of Mr Ross been for the past 300 years?

And: “Across England, there are those that see Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as poor investments, recipients rather than contributors to the welfare of our country.” – so does he plan to repudiate GERS next?

And now to his problem with numbers. Again regarding his fellow Tories: “.. who want to see a UK Government that is focused on England and minimises its responsibilities to our other THREE NATIONS”. Saying that issues in the other THREE NATIONS do not matter to them.” – note the number three there!

And then: “The United Kingdom forms a much greater whole than just England alone. A greater whole that is rich in diversity and celebrates the differences as much as it does the similarities between Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England.” – to my count that is a list of FOUR parts, and “diverse” and “different” is good it seems.

“Our Union matters to all of us whether we are Scottish, English, Welsh or Northern Irish.” – notice, that’s the number FOUR again.

“… unionism is conservatism. The belief in respecting the rule of law and democracy. Of pulling together and sharing resources as ONE Nation. “ – where did the FOUR go, those four parts whose diversity, whose differences are to be celebrated? Mr Ross’ objective seems clear: to reduce FOUR to ONE! What happened to celebrating differences?

And finally: “I challenge you today to make strengthening the bonds between our FOUR nations the priority for our party that it should be.” – ah look, the FOUR have made a re-appearance!

This is as confusing as listening to BBC Radio 4 Today programme – or indeed many other BBC current affairs outputs.

So which is it Mr Ross – one or four? Words have meaning – ‘one nation’ and ‘four nations’ are not the same. Claiming to celebrate four whilst aiming for one is duplicitous!


With acknowledgement to the online Merriam Webster Dictionary: ‘The idea of doubleness is at the core of duplicity. Duplicity comes from a Latin word meaning “double” or “twofold,” and its original meaning in English has to do with a kind of deception in which you intentionally hide your true feelings or intentions behind false words or actions. If you are being duplicitous there are two yous: the one you’re showing and the one you’re hiding. And—key to the idea of duplicity—you’re hiding that you in order to make people believe something that’s not true.’ 

However, in this speech Mr Ross is not really ‘hiding’ any of this very well!

10 thoughts on “Exposed: Douglas Ross MP and his difficulty with numbers!”

  1. Potential solutions: Get DRoss to
    Stop using one hand to point at the other hence increasing his numeric range from four (finger obscurer) to ten?
    Wear open toed sandals increasing the range to twenty, or 19 if still insisting on pointing?
    Wear longer shorts to better carry a one, or a two, or a three, minus the one he continued to carry and indicate with?
    Substitute toothpaste/chapstick with superglue ?

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  2. Irrespective of the numbers, this seems to me to be a speech aimed, not at his English Tory colleagues, but to us and, in particular, the British Nationalist media in Scotland, whom he wants to push the idea that he ‘will fight Scotland’s corner’. Did he not show his independent spirit when he resigned over the Dominic Cummings affair. And the Guardian is in his corner.

    The fact that as with all British Nationalist promises from Tories, Labour or LibDems once the ‘threat to our precious union’ is past, the statement will be jettisoned, too. This is a government that is headed by a proven and persistent liar. “Vow, anyone?”

    Speaking of Vows, I see Bodger Broon was giving us the benefit of his wisdom in the Observer on Sunday.


    1. I noticed the “I’m patriotic. A proud Scot and a proud Brit.” reference in Ross’ speech, something ready made for an alliance with Scottish Labour Unionists again who have been encouraged in ‘patriotism’ by their new, big boss in London.

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  3. Here’s a tale that can inspire,
    About a boy born in a byre.
    Nae time tae greet or even whine,
    see his eyes light up and shine,
    when he sees a BIG bovine.
    The love that dare not speak its name,
    is love devine!

    Alas! That big Ruthie gies him the heeby-jeeb,
    Every minute of every day, he’s on the BEEB,
    They’ll want him next, tae read the weather,
    Fame? Like a goblin hiding in the glebe,
    DRossy was happiest being a dweeb!
    His auld mither maybe’s said, I’ll skelp yer erse,
    If you’re a blether!

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  4. The question for the Tories is which British Labour idiot can they get to front their campaign this time?
    All the previous idiots have been discredited and compensated by £300 /day plus expenses jobs for life (except Broon who has simply been discredited).
    The Tories know that,on their own,they don’t have the numbers so need to garner support for England’s union elsewhere.
    Their pooling and sharing arguments are complete lies when you consider Brexit and that is what will “lose” them Scotland.
    Who wants to be in union with a country which has made it clear it has no interest in pooling or sharing anything and will only entertain co-operation on their terms.
    DRoss might be walking the line but it us a very crooked one.

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    1. They may well not employ a Tory, or even a red Tory, no doubt the BritNat Gov are searching hard for willing and compliant fodder that they hope will somehow endear the soft no voters to the UKOK. Last time it was old timer low talent celebs and authors, what or who will it be this time…someone, anyone? Is anybody out there! Lol.

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  5. ‘Englishness’, lol!
    So subsidy junkie Scotland, again. As for the ‘four’ ‘one’ nation nations, DRoss seems a tad tongue tied, doesn’t know his ar*e from his elbow, spouting verbal doo doo.
    To give him credit though, joking lol, it is ridiculous that the UK is called a country, when it’s not, hell there is no king either!
    ‘Washing out the flag’? He is right there, the butchers apron will fade into insignificance, it certainly is very tainted, and Scotland needs a clean break away from England’s dirty washing that’s for sure.

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